Even if you have every reason to be offended by someone, it is better to get rid of negative emotions as soon as possible.

Feelings of resentment and the experiences associated with it can ruin your mood for a long time and even undermine your precious health.

How to find the strength in yourself to forgive the offender? Top 4 effective ways!

  • Talk to the person whose words and actions upset you. Try to put yourself in his place. If you understand what motives the offender was guided by, it will be easier for you to justify him.
  • Take out your anger by writing a letter to the person responsible for the conflict. Do not choose your expressions too carefully – abusive words will be quite appropriate. When the message is ready, read it thoughtfully several times, and then destroy it along with your negative emotions.
  • If you like to draw better, draw on paper everything that comes to your mind when you think about a quarrel. When you feel that the offense has receded, get rid of the drawing.
  • Try to find something good in an unpleasant situation. Think it’s impossible? And that’s not true! At least now you know that this person cannot be trusted with urgent and important matters.