Unable to focus on a specific task? Problems with concentration are most often experienced by those who work in open space or at home, because the conversations of colleagues, loud discussions, requests from relatives and phone calls every now and then force them to be distracted from business. Perhaps, using the advice of “Lisa”, you will learn to ignore irritants.

  • Turn off your phone. In order not to miss important calls, set up an answering machine or the voice message function.
  • Try not to check your personal email more than twice a day. You can control the flow of emails with special email management tools that can be configured in any browser.
  • Put on your headphones. Energetic music will not only set the right pace for the work, but also drown out the conversations of office neighbors.
  • Teach others to respect your time. If you work from home, explain to your loved ones that you will fulfill all their requests after you finish. Conversations are also asked to be postponed until a more convenient time.
  • Treasure every second. Remember, the faster you get the job done, the more time you have for yourself. Do not waste your time on trifles, sacrificing precious free minutes!