Can love be attracted to you? To make it so that an ideal man appears in life, the one from whose appearance the world will shine with new colors?

couple kissing ajnjcouple kissing ajnj

Ariel Ford is a famous American writer, metaphysician and philosopher. Ariel became one of the authors who brought to light the idea set forth in the film “The Secret”. Along with Rhonda Byrne, Joe Vitale and others, she reveals the secrets of how the Law of Attraction works in our lives. Ariel wrote a small but incredibly valuable book #2. About love”, in which she outlined the methods of attracting an ideal life partner and explained how to find your love.

How to find a soul mate: making a list of qualities

Ariel argues that in order for the Universe to realize our desire, it must be clearly stated about it. So, as detailed as possible to imagine what kind of man you want to meet.

Couple in loveCouple in love

“When you figure out what’s important to youwrites Ford, you will begin to send out strong and constant signals that will attract a partner with a similar scale of values ​​u200bu200band goals set to you.

If you do not know how to find a soul mate, Ariel suggests making a clear and complete list of qualities that you want to see in a life partner. For example, you would really like to have children. Then your partner should at least not mind. Otherwise, being in a relationship with a convinced child-free, you will feel unhappy. On the one hand, you love this particular person, on the other hand, he does not allow you to have a child.

“Describing to the Universe the characteristics by which you are looking for your future partner, it is as if you are typing a keyword in the search box. The more clearly you define your request, the more likely you are to get exactly what you need.”

Ariel is convinced that at least two items on the list should be, regardless of everything else.

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The possibility of your meeting depends on them.

  1. Be sure to include: “My significant other… (single, heterosexual (homosexual), ready for a healthy and long-term relationship and / or wedding)
  2. “My ideal partner lives in… (nearby, within n km, wants to move to my city, lives in city N)

Clarification of even such small details is a guarantee that you will meet at all. Imagine how it would be a shame if the universe found you the perfect man – but he would live, for example, in Australia. Not the fact that you would have met at all. And even if so, you would hardly want to move to a country with such a climate and such a fauna. Etc.

The author of the book claims that there have been cases when people, having compiled a list of the ideal qualities of their partner, really met with complete correspondence to the list. But those turned out to be homosexual or lived in another country.

How to make a wish list

“When I first created my list of soul mate characteristics, it was long, specific, and contained 48 items,” writes Ford.

Girl writes a photoGirl writes a photo

Take a blank sheet of paper. Think about what qualities, personality traits you would like to see in your partner. Think about the qualities that attracted you to your ex.

Remember that the length of such a list depends only on your desire. The order doesn’t matter. You can even spend a few days compiling it. You will sometimes come up with good thoughts that are worth writing down. They might not show up right away. Therefore, the most reasonable way to make a list of the characteristics of a soul mate is to sketch out a few dozen points, and then leave it, periodically adding new provisions to it.

Don’t forget about the items “single”, “heterosexual”, “lives nearby”.

Example: how to find your soul mate

Dear Universe! I am ready to meet a man who:

  1. Ready for a long relationship
  2. Not married
  3. Heterosexual
  4. Loyal
  5. Reliable
  6. Sincere
  7. secured
  8. Lives in Kyiv in his apartment
  9. 5-10 years older than me
  10. High
  11. Smart
  12. Beautiful

What to do next

Take a nice sheet of paper and a pen. Sit in a secluded place in silence and write down your wish list. Imagine that you are already meeting with your loved one and grateful to him for being in your life.

Girl writes a list of photosGirl writes a list of photos

After the work done, you need to “release” the list. Fixation on the thought “Now I will meet him!” can only scare away luck. The universe does not like “freezes”.

Choose a special day – Friday, Saturday, full moon, 1st lunar day, 1st day. Choose the right place. Read your list out loud, imagining the man you described. Then put it in a fireproof dish and burn it.

Feel that from that moment on, the Universe itself took over the fulfillment of your order. Invisible but good forces are in a hurry to help you find happiness.

Remember that the meeting will take place when both of you are ready for it. Perhaps your ideal man needs to have time to part with the girl with whom he is now in an inharmonious relationship. In any case, know that from the moment of compiling the list and conducting the ritual of liberation, your significant other has begun the path to meet you.