We know about dividing the year into twelve equal parts. It arose due to the fact that the Sun (as, indeed, other celestial bodies, but for a different period) during this time makes a circle of 360 degrees along the ecliptic – a special section of the celestial sphere. Each sign of the zodiac is 30 degrees of the ecliptic. Being in each such segment, the Sun sends its radiation to the earth at a certain angle, characteristic only for this sign. And this is exactly the reason why the representative of Aries is different from Pisces, and Leo only snorts, compare you with Aquarius.

And this knowledge can be used if you liked a man, and you managed to find out / find out / read his date of birth on his page on the social network. Without the exact time, of course, not a single astrologer will undertake to build a compatibility horoscope for you. But even a simple month and birthday is enough to find out how to win his heart for sure.



The Aries man is energetic, assertive, active. He needs a companion to match: the melancholy of Capricorn and the refinement of Libra are unlikely to please him. To attract and keep a passionate Aries, you need to show African passions yourself, maintain his interest in yourself with bold actions and frequent changes in images.


Taurus is stubborn and inert. He is romantic and pathologically faithful, although he usually lacks fantasy for something supernatural. That is why he will like visiting new places and sights for him – on a journey (in which the compilers of the tour or his caring and intelligent companion have already thought of everything for him), he will be happy like a child, and just as sincerely in love.


For smart and quick-witted Gemini, there is no better food than food for the mind. The way to their hearts lies through a discussion of the last matches of his favorite team, the book of Remarque he read, Heidegger’s discourses on time and being, and also a trip to the theater or (in extreme cases) cinema.


Cancers are the emotional version of Taurus with Capricorns. Comfort, homely atmosphere, delicious food and complete spiritual understanding with their counterpart are important to them. Let him relax in your company. Feed him a delicious dinner prepared by yourself, give him a massage, and Cancer, chained in the armor of caution, will quickly surrender to your mercy.

a lion

The artistic and bright Leo usually wants to see the same outstanding personality next to him. Let yourself shine in his company! You must be approved by his environment, so make friends with his buddies. Be careful not to overshadow Leo: he will not tolerate this. Do you want to blow him away? Even the smartest Leos melt with flattery. Even when they publicly shout that they are simply being flattered.


Many Virgos are very romantic at heart. And it is chivalrous behavior (even if you are a lady, and he is supposed to be a knight) that will help you win his heart. Set up a romantic surprise for him: cute notes all over the apartment, invite him to look at the stars, hold hands, feed the swans in the park – and he is yours.


Libra loves everything graceful, beautiful and sophisticated. Get ready to find out the name of his favorite artist and writer and carefully study their work. Be polite to him, use beautiful phrases when talking. Libra is a little old fashioned, but sometimes it’s so aristocratic!


Scorpios, though caustic and cunning, tend to fall passionately in love. They are drawn to secrets: be mysterious, talk little about yourself and listen to him more. Show him that he is a very interesting, deep and complex person. Let him (let him think so) charm you and surprise him with unexpected actions yourself – and the trick is in the bag.


Sagittarius is a very expansive, exalted and restless man. His activity is usually directed outward – immediately in all directions. Do you want him to turn it on you? Pretend to be inaccessible. He is a hunter, and you need to give him the opportunity to hunt yourself at least occasionally.


Dry and stubborn, at heart, Capricorns really appreciate the manifestations of tenderness on the part of their passions. They are loners by nature, they can not stand when they are neglected. Take an interest in his affairs more often, send him affectionate but restrained SMS once or twice a day, remind him that he is not indifferent to you, and you will find a faithful lover who is ready to provide you with all the blessings of the world.


The element of Aquarius is advice. Do not feed bread, let someone help and suggest! Therefore, often ask him to help you with something: feeling useful, he will fall in love with you for giving him such an opportunity.


Spiritualized and affectionate Pisces can be conquered by her own weapons. Do not scare him away, otherwise he will wag his tail and swim away into the blue distance. Surround him with tenderness and understanding, show him that you yourself are romantic and vulnerable, write a poem for him, dedicate a song to him, paint his portrait – and he will be yours.

And now to your attention – the astro forecast for the current week and more detailed information on how to win the heart of a man according to his zodiac sign. Watch a video!