You met a man, went on a date with him and returned home satisfied, joyful and happy. Everything is fine! The next day, you look forward to feedback from him in the form of a phone call or SMS. But the phone is silent. You start following him on social media and you see the status is “online”. Why is he silent?

Woman thinking - photoWoman thinking - photo

There can be a large number of reasons for this, and in the end – do not forget about the “three days” rule, which, by default, are given to a man for consideration after the first date. In the meantime, he does not call – take care of yourself! The following activities will help you relax and have a good time.

1. Meet up with friends

A new acquaintance is in no hurry to invite you on a date? Don’t be upset by people who don’t want to spend time with you. Better give your free hours to those who really need it – mom, sister, faithful friend.

2. Take care of yourself

Until the young man calls, take care of your body. Sports training is a great way to tone your muscles, cheer you up and … take your mind off thoughts and self-winding. In the end, you are alone and no one except you will do things that are beneficial to health.

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3. Walk

Fresh air will blow away can dispel all obsessive thoughts. Take a walk with a friend in the park or spend some time alone. The influx of oxygen into the brain will have a beneficial effect on mental activity and on your nervous system as a whole.

4. Read books

Haven’t had time to read the bestseller that your friends have been discussing for a long time? So it’s time to take a book off the shelf and get carried away reading. This is not only useful, but also a well-distracting activity that will help you forget about your fan for a while and not linger on social networks.

Shopping - photoShopping - photo

5. Shopping

Go shopping! It is one of the most effective medicines for any emotional distress. Millions of women can’t be wrong. Take your best friend and go shopping in search of a new stylish look!

In the end, think about whether you need a man who keeps you in the dark at the very beginning of the relationship? And after a long-awaited SMS or a call, do not rush to rush to a date at the first call, but choose a time convenient for you so as not to distract yourself from your planned activities.