Love or infatuation? Perhaps this question is asked by every girl who is in a romantic relationship with a man.

And, by the way, sorting out your feelings is not so difficult. Use Lisa’s advice!

  • You never compare him to other men. He is your most beautiful, smartest, most charming, responsible and economic, in general, the best in everything.
  • You often want to do something to please him, for example, give him a relaxing massage, bring breakfast in bed, or arrange a romantic dinner for no particular reason.
  • You dream that he becomes the father of your children.
  • You are touched by his childhood photos. You love it when his mom talks about how mischievous he was.
  • It’s easy for you to take care of him. Making a three-course dinner after a busy day at work and ironing his shirts is a piece of cake.
  • You are only happy at the thought that you can fall asleep and wake up next to him.
  • It doesn’t annoy you at all that he plays computer games for hours, drinks beer with friends every evening or watches endless football.
  • You are flexible and always find compromises.
  • You sincerely wish him to be happy, even if you are not on the way.
  • You’re sure you could live with him all your life. Difficulties do not scare you at all.