Every girl who is in a long-term relationship with a young man sooner or later thinks about what kind of husband he will turn out to be?

If you are also concerned about this issue, rather read how to identify a potentially bad spouse.

  • A man does not respect his parents, and sometimes even allows himself to insult his relatives. Do not flatter yourself about the tender attitude towards you. The model of his behavior will most likely be projected onto your family. Look for a partner who loves and appreciates father and mother.
  • Does he try to impose his rules wherever he goes? Before you is a typical despot. Perhaps his exaggerated demands are a sign of the Othello complex.
  • If a man with enviable regularity violates your joint plans in order to satisfy his career ambitions, do not rush to accept a marriage proposal. In his life, work will always take first place, and you, at best, second.
  • As soon as you get sick, your loved one has a billion urgent things to do. He keeps getting annoyed over trifles and tries to spend as little time as possible with you. Such a man does not know how to overcome difficulties, and therefore can hardly perform the function of a protector.
  • He loves jokes about blondes, and does not miss the opportunity to make fun of the frivolity and stupidity of women. You will not be happy with such a person!
  • Do you occasionally catch him in little deceptions? Perhaps someday a harmless lie will turn into a major hoax.
  • A man is absolutely not touched by the grief of strangers, he is annoyed by the elderly and children. You really want to become the wife of this naturally callous person.