Talking about your feelings for the first time is very exciting. This is an important moment in any relationship that is remembered for a long time. Experts gave some advice on how to confess your love and not spoil anything.

How to understand that you are in love

Each person feels love in their own way, so there is no universal recipe that will allow you to accurately determine whether you are in love or not. “Sometimes strong feelings flare up gradually. And sometimes it is, on the contrary, an instant bright flash. The “speed” of love is different for everyone,” says psychoanalyst Babita Spinelli.

Psychotherapist and relationship specialist Ken Page adds that you first need to figure out exactly what kind of love you are experiencing. This is passion? Or is it a deep feeling that can inspire and last for a long time? “Love is a rich combination of feelings that includes romance and sexuality, as well as the warmth and beauty of partnership and caring for each other,” the expert notes.

Here are some clear signs of falling in love:

  • You want to share even the smallest details of your life with another person.
  • You are waiting for the moment when you can tell him about what is happening with you and how your day went, and listen to how he is doing.
  • You want to let the other person into your inner world.
  • You want to listen to his thoughts and better understand his emotions.
  • You look forward to sharing your life with another person.
  • You often miss him. You feel warm when you think about him.
  • You accept a person completely with all his oddities and shortcomings.
  • You give it priority in your life.
  • You care about the happiness of another person as if it were your own.
  • You can imagine your future together.
  • You feel alive at the thought of another person. You are surrounded by a feeling of something new.
  • You often yearn for him and want him to be around.

How to choose the best time for recognition

Given that we are all different, the question of when to say “I love you” also does not have a universal answer. What is really important is to strengthen yourself in the sincerity of your feelings and intentions.

Ken Page advises taking your time and getting to know the person well before taking such an important step. “There is no perfect time to confess your love,” adds Babita Spinelli. “The main thing is to listen to your feelings and talk about them when you are sure of them.” Make sure that this is not just a passion for you, but recognition is not just a phrase that you have to say.

If you are still interested in specific dates, then, according to one researchmen take about three months to confess their love, and women – about five.

What you need to remember if you decide to confess your love

Experts recommend being as open as possible and allowing yourself natural excitement and experiences. This will make the confession more personal, sincere and touching. In addition, in some cases, according to Ken Page, anxiety and fear can even ignite sexual desire.

Don’t drink for courage. Experts emphasize that at such an important moment, both you and the object of your love should have a sober head. In addition, alcohol can devalue your confession, and you will have to repeat it again in order for your words to be taken seriously.

And the last thing – do not immediately wait for the response “I love you.” Some, such as emotionally reserved people, take time to say those important words in response. Be patient. “Don’t ask if you’re loved before talking about your feelings. There is no courage or sensuality in it, ”adds Ken Page. Your sincere desire to take such a bold step will give your future relationship so much more.

How to confess love

Experts give several possible phrases and give advice on how to express your feelings without words. Choose something that resonates with you inside, take as a basis and add personal details.

How to confess your love in words

  1. “I love you”.
  2. “My feelings for you are getting deeper and I’m starting to fall in love with you.”
  3. “You mean a lot to me and I really appreciate having you in my life.”
  4. “I can’t imagine my life without you.”
  5. “More and more I want to share my life with you every day.”
  6. “For me, you are a special person, and I value our relationship very much.”
  7. “I appreciate you the way you are.”
  8. “When I see that you are happy, I feel happier.”
  9. “You inspire me to be a better person.”
  10. “I can’t wait for our future together.”
  11. “You make my life so much better.”
  12. Read a beautiful love poem.
  13. Write a love letter.

How to confess love without words

  1. Look at the person with love.
  2. Send him a love song or even create an entire playlist for him.
  3. Maintain physical contact more often, such as more hugs.
  4. Together, do what pleases your loved one.
  5. Spend more time together.
  6. Cooking for another person his favorite dishes.
  7. Support him in difficult times.
  8. Help him get through the tough times.
  9. Be an active listener.
  10. Appreciate the other person with all his flaws and quirks.
  11. Send flowers.
  12. Give personalized gifts.