In order not to get sick, it is often enough just to eat less. This is a much better path than following super diets and looking for super foods. What to look for attention in nutrition for hypertension, diabetes, joint diseases, as well as to strengthen the immune system, explains doctor-rehabilitologist, head physician of the medical clinic, candidate of medical sciences Alexander Shishonin.

Eat less – get sick less often

– In the mind of a person, especially recently, the idea has strengthened that certain super diets, super foods can affect health and immunity. On this basis, a lot of nutrition specialists, nutritionists, nutritionists have appeared … A lot of diets, programs, systems are being developed. People are looking for value in new products. But in fact, the main rule for chronic diseases such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, pain and joint disease is a moderate diet. That is, eat less. This fact is confirmed by many studies conducted in different countries. After all, the greater the body weight, the harder it is for a person to move, the slower the metabolism, the slower the renewal and regeneration of cells, and as a result, a person gets sick more often and lives less. People who eat more than they need to maintain body functions are more likely to develop metabolic diseases – diabetes, obesity. Many still do not know that obesity is also a disease that is a key factor in the development of all metabolic and even oncological diseases.

In a healthy society, overweight people should be ashamed of bringing themselves to such a state. Personal responsibility for one’s own health should be promoted. And since we are now moving away from Western trends and imposed rules (for example, the same body positivity, when obese people are invited to be accepted as they are, considered as the norm), we must admit that obesity is a disease that arises from that a person moves little and eats a lot. And such a problem of our time as stress, which also often sticks, is perfectly treated by movement.

The coronavirus pandemic has convincingly proved that people who are overweight, suffer from chronic diseases, lead a sedentary lifestyle, suffered the disease many times more often and more severely, received complications and died. Realizing this relationship and drawing the right conclusions is a big step forward for every person.

Fixing bugs

People have a lot of misconceptions about nutrition. Let’s take a look at the most common ones.

Eat when you feel hungry, not on a schedule. For some reason, it is believed that you need to eat on a schedule, because the time for breakfast, lunch, dinner has come, and not when you are really hungry.

Don’t focus on food. A negative role is also played by culinary programs, which are already broadcasting on all channels how to cook tastier and more. Now not only chefs cook endlessly, all people have become chefs – food, dishes, cakes are posted everywhere on the Internet. All social networks are full of it. This is some kind of confusion.

Satisfy your hunger the right way. Eat slowly, chewing your food thoroughly. Because of this, satiety occurs faster with less food intake.

Avoid sugary, simple carbohydrates, trans fats (butter substitutes, margarines, fried fast food, frozen ready-made pizzas and pies, fried donuts, milk substitutes). I also recommend giving up or limiting fruits, as they contain fructose, which is harmful to the liver. Vitamins and dietary fiber can be obtained from vegetables.

Reduce calories. Modern man eats more calories than his body needs.

Vegetables should be subjected to minimal heat treatment. This fully fits into the thermodynamic power supply system.

Drink as you get thirsty. That is, when the body wants to drink – you need to drink. Plain water is better. Teas, coffee do not strengthen the immune system, as well as food. And as an auxiliary supporting agent, I would recommend infusions of hawthorn, St. John’s wort, wild rose. They are rich in vitamin C.

Keep a food diary. This is useful for those who are overweight, and those who just want to control themselves. It helps you rethink your diet. You write in a notebook what you ate per day and how much. Literally in a week you begin to understand that you are eating the wrong thing and the wrong amount. I have had this many times in practice, when the patient can barely fit in a chair, but claims that he eats almost nothing. You suggest that he keep a diary. After a couple of days, the patient confesses: “Thank you, I understood everything, how little I eat …”.

Nutrition rules for disease prevention

Hypertension. Strict exclusion from the diet of sweets and carbohydrates. For hypertensive patients, this is very important, since a lot of water is required for the digestion and utilization of carbohydrates and the body swells from this, and for hypertensive patients this is very bad. I recommend the optimal balance of fat and protein in the diet. This is a meat diet.

Diabetes. The same recommendation as for hypertensive patients, for sweets and carbohydrates. To avoid sudden drops in glucose, you need to start not with a diet, but with physical activity – to utilize glucose. For diabetics, I recommend eating more fatty foods. Natural dairy products are very useful: butter, sour cream, milk…

Joint diseases. The main rule: the less stress on the joints, the better. Hence the recommendation – eat less and slower, control body weight. For people with sore joints, I recommend eating more protein foods, because collagen is the protein that makes up the joints, ligaments. Very useful seafood.

For immunity. Fasting days are useful for strengthening immunity. Once every two weeks or a month, do not eat anything, only drink water. This is the best thing you can do for immunity – restart it.

To strengthen the immune system, you need to move more, walk at least 5 kilometers a day. Only from physical exercises, walking increases the functional reserve of the body. Immunity depends on how well the blood circulation in the body works, how easily immune cells are delivered to every part of your body. Local immunity can be stimulated if, during the SARS season, periodically breathe over a jar of grated horseradish. This will prevent the penetration of infection. And the general immunity, I repeat, is strengthened only by movement!