Not so long ago we were talking about men who are better to stay away from. In fairness, it is worth saying that not all women are beautiful. There are several types that you should not choose as either girlfriends or life partners, because relationships with them will bring nothing but exhausted nerves.

relationship with a friendrelationship with a friend

1. Tantrum

Despite the repulsive name, representatives of this type can look extremely attractive in appearance. To be pretty, slender, well educated. In primary contact, the hysterical strategy is seduction. Moreover, it is aimed at both men and women. In the case of men, seduction has a sexual connotation. With women, hysterics seduce for friendship – they can make compliments, talk about how wonderful it would be to spend time with you. The text can be different and depend on the specific situation and on the characteristics of all the people involved in it. But the main feature of any text coming from the mouth of a hysteroid who wants something from you is that it sounds seductive. At the same time, the hysterical woman herself is also sweet, gentle and beautiful, like a pink marshmallow. Further, if you were tempted, believed and reached out to be friends with a hysterical woman, there is no trace of the pink marshmallow. It is replaced by a hard electric shock. Frequent mood swings, from brightly enthusiastic to deadly gloomy, occur in situations that in no way correspond to such a heat of passion. And, most importantly, those who are nearby are always to blame for these changes. And the most difficult thing for them is that the hysterical woman never stands on ceremony in expressions. All accusations sound like blows and slaps, in a couple of minutes a person is smeared into shit. A hysteric will always hit “below the belt” and will never miss a painful point if she has groped it. After a couple of minutes, when the emotions are splashed out, the tantrum will quite quickly jump to the “plus” point and may even begin to habitually seduce others. But how can others get out from under the plinth? And does anyone need such a swing?


2. Masochist

Externally, masochis are of two types – either very full, loose, with a predominance of fat in the lower part of the body – on the pope and hips, or thin, but sinewy. Despite thinness, they do not produce a feeling of fragility. From a psychological point of view, this type is very complex, because it consists of two – a sadist and a masochist. The habitual habitat of a masochist is suffering, but if there is no external, “natural” suffering, then the masochist very quickly becomes a sadist and begins to harass those around him until they respond – they give the masochist the necessary share of suffering. Even in married couples, where one of the spouses is outwardly a bright sadist, the second is just as bright a masochist, that is, as if everyone chooses only one hypostasis for himself – not everything is so simple, they still cannot remain only at one pole “to torment or suffer “. A sadistic husband, after beating his masochistic wife, falls into shame and repentance, begins to engage in self-flagellation, and asks for forgiveness, and wallows at his feet, that is, turns into a masochist. The wife, on the other hand, becomes a sadist for some time – she does not forgive, makes her suffer, feel humiliated, sometimes she comes up with these very humiliations, which can be very sophisticated. After some time, the roles change again. In friendship with a masochist, if you do not have BDSM inclinations, it is impossible to be. At first she will suffer. You, as a good friend, will try to pull her out of her misery. Offer help, another option, solution, alternative view. To all your suggestions, the masochist will answer “yes, but.” “Yes, thank you for offering me another job, but I’m unlikely to be taken there, because everyone is taken by pull.” “Yes, it’s good that social centers have free psychological help or a helpline, but probably only bad psychologists work for free, which means they won’t help me, and I don’t have money for a paid one.” “Yes, you give me money for a psychologist, thank you, but I can’t go to him, because my only winter boots are torn and it’s generally cold now.” After a while, you will feel as if you were watering the Sahara desert from a plastic 5-liter bucket. Moreover, they carried these buckets of water on foot from Kyiv. Because nothing that you offer a masochist suits him. In parallel, the masochist will offend you for what you offer is wrong and wrong. And it will constantly express this insult to you. First, you will try to justify yourself and explain that you really didn’t think and didn’t want anything “such”. But, again, quickly feel the “watering of the Sahara”. The abundance of other people’s suffering nearby is exhausting in itself, and if they also try to blame you for them, it is doubly exhausting. It’s better than being friends with a masochist, it’s better to really help the children of Africa or India – help will also dissolve, where it can’t dissolve in billions of sufferers, but at least you won’t feel squeezed out and useless.


3. “On my mind” or “thoughtful” woman

I still somehow can understand women’s commercialism in relation to men. Men themselves often create such conditions for relationships when you can only be a prudent bitch with them. Or a woman is hurt so badly that after this “wound” she decides to close herself and become a consumer. Of course, these are all matters of choice – you can choose to look for another man or let go of a traumatic experience. And you can choose to become a consumer and a bitch. But in the case of such a choice, one can at least understand what caused it. When a woman begins to seek benefits from another woman … “Pay for me, I forgot my wallet (I have a very large bill, there is no change from it), I will give it to you later.” “Later” never comes, or comes after very long reminders. “Oh, you are going in my direction, give me a lift” – at first it’s not hard to give a lift, especially since you really are on the road. Only soon do you notice that you are never offered a ride, or the petitioner’s car is always in her garage, and she prefers to drive in yours. “Your child goes to the dance with mine, give me a ride, please, you’re going there anyway” – again, you become the eternal driver for someone else’s child, but no one is in a hurry to pick up and take yours at least once. All this very quickly causes the feeling that you have been used. In an equal relationship, there is always an exchange – you give something and you receive. Look for an equal exchange.

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4. “Dobrohotka”

It is easy to recognize her by how easily she will always tell you the “truth”. Did she see your husband with another woman, or did she just think it was your husband? It doesn’t matter, you will immediately learn about it from the most “good” motives of “opening your eyes” to possible “evil”. However, as well as the fact that you are terribly fat, the dress does not suit you, you are underpaid at work and your child is badly brought up. All this will be told in the most “kind” voice and there will be a lot of sympathy in the look. You will only feel like shit. Because every person, if he is not an idiot, and he is over 15 years old, is able to distinguish good from bad. Even at the age of 5, a child develops primary skills to distinguish between good and evil. And every adult is able to ask for help or advice when he needs it. A “dobrohotka” will “do” you good without any requests. Maybe it’s better to be kind to yourself right away and avoid “kindness”?

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5. “Stuck”

She is like a fish that accompanies a shark, only unlike a fish, a female sticky will not feed on ectoparasites, but on your life. They tend to have a poor sense of the boundaries of their own personality. Naturally, they cannot distinguish the boundaries of others either. They are distinguished by their quick and excessive involvement in someone else’s life, which they “stuck” begins to perceive as their own. Someone might like it. And then friends can be friends for a long time in the style of Countess Cherries from Chippolino. But a person with a normal sense of boundaries soon begins to feel engulfed. The natural reaction to break out of absorption is to break contact.

With age, I began to appreciate female friendship very much. In the early years, we are all too keen on chasing males, so we tend to perceive each other in only two options – a comrade-in-arms or a rival. Shifting emphasis, we do not see everything else. This means that we do not use the variety of gifts that women’s friendship brings. Men come and go, others come to replace them, children grow up and leave, parents grow old and leave, but girlfriends remain. Love your girlfriends.


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