It is believed that health droppers help not only to resist stress and fatigue, but also slow down the aging process. What is included in these droppers? Do they really help you get healthy? And who should prescribe such a procedure?

told about this general practitioner, candidat Medical Sciences Ivan Romasov:

– Health droppers, “beauty and health droppers” or “IV-therapy” – a collective concept. As a rule, each clinic offers its own options for intravenous drip infusions with different composition. Most often, they include alpha-lipoic and succinic acid, vitamin C, parenteral iron preparations, glutathione, amino acids, placental hydrolyzate, magnesium, calcium, zinc, vitamin C, B vitamins, D vitamins, coenzyme Q10, L -carnitine, etc.

These mixes are based on the “Myers cocktail” – a mixture consisting of B vitamins, vitamin C, minerals, in particular magnesium and calcium in large doses and mixed with sterile water for injection. In 1970, in the USA, Dr. Myers began to administer it to his patients as a preventive measure, and after his death in 1984, he took all his patients. Dr. Alan Gabywhich gave the name to this mixture.

Supporters justify this method of treatment by the fact that drugs in liquid form administered intravenously have a faster absorption and a better therapeutic effect. However, few studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of health drips, and the results of most of them report the absence of any significant statistical advantages over placebo.

Individual drugs that are part of such droppers raise questions at all. For example, heptral is a “hepatoprotector”, which is positioned as a universal remedy for all liver diseases. However, the American FDA, which deals with drug safety, considers heptral a dietary supplement, and large scientific bases also do not perceive the substance as a drug. Actovegin, which is used to “cleanse blood vessels” and is used for any problems with the cardiovascular system, is prohibited by the FDA for use.

The manufacturer of Laennec, a placenta hydrolyzant, has not yet published a specification for the composition. How the hydrolyzant is obtained is unknown. It is reported that the drug has hepatoprotective, antiherpetic effects and is able to treat dermatitis. However, this is not supported by scientific evidence.

Chelating drugs are indeed medicinal, but they have a side effect – poisoning with salts of heavy metals. When used off-label, the likelihood of serious side effects is very high.

Iron supplements have also been shown to be effective. But they should be used only when it is scarce. With normal indicators, the reverse process is possible – hemosiderosis – when excess iron accumulates in the internal organs and destroys them.

When are these droppers prescribed?

Usually, health drops are prescribed for detoxification after excessive doses of alcohol, for dehydration and to replenish the balance of nutrients after intense physical exertion, for “chronic fatigue syndrome”, stress and depression, to increase efficiency, improve memory, treat chronic headaches and chronic diseases, as well as to remove toxins from the body.

The list of indications is constantly expanding and representatives of such a service are trying to create a composition of “cocktails” that would suit any situation.

Why is the use of “health droppers” dangerous?

Any droppers are necessary only if they are prescribed by the attending physician. From the definition itself, it follows that droppers are administered for a certain time and at a certain speed, because a fixed volume of liquid circulates inside the vessels, providing a stable pressure inside them. Excessive simultaneous intake of a large amount of fluid can lead to pulmonary edema and subsequent acute heart failure. An excessive load of drugs and fluid volume is bad for people with chronic kidney and liver diseases.

For healthy people, routine intravenous infusion of drugs and even regular saline can lead to complications. A vivid example: complications that arose after the next session of IV-therapy with “droppers of health, beauty, youth and energy” in a supermodel Kylie Jenner. They required hospitalization and intensive care treatment.

Prophylactic intravenous drip infusion of solutions for prophylactic purposes will not bring a healing effect. This will neither “cleanse” either the vessels, or the brain, or other organs. In people who use “healing droppers”, the improvement in well-being occurs due to faith and conviction in the effectiveness of the impact. But this is nothing more than a placebo effect, which does not actually have an effect on the body.