You have a whole arsenal of tools with which you can please your husband on his birthday without any special expenses. Do not trust? Find out how!


— Shall we play forfeits?

Does your husband like to watch you slowly undress? Does he get more turned on if you make love in front of a mirror? Think about what pleases your man
and write it down on paper. Then roll them up and put them in a bag or box. Let him draw a phantom – you will fulfill his desire!

– Suddenly

Buy two tickets to a football match (yes, you’re coming too!) or invite your husband to a sports bar. Even if your man is not too passionate, he will happily cheer for ours with a glass of cold beer along with others. Yes, the evening will not be romantic at all, but that’s why it’s good! It is such a surprise that the husband will appreciate and remember, because only a loving and understanding wife can arrange him!

— Supermodel

Why don’t you arrange an erotic photo shoot? Nothing serious: you just play pranks, take pictures of each other – it will be fun. Husband says it’s a stupid idea? Do not argue. Put the camera close
with a bed, take a seductive pose … What will happen next is up to him.

Adults Only

Tell your loved one that you recorded a wonderful film about love especially for this evening and really want to watch it with him. And be sure to add: “If you don’t like it, we will turn it off immediately!” He will take a breath and get ready
to boring pastime. But how surprised he will be when he sees erotic scenes on the screen! (Under the guise of a melodrama, you will present a hot video.) And you are unlikely to want to watch the movie to the end …

For dessert

Prepare something light for dinner: sushi, fish with vegetables, salad with seafood will do. And for dessert, offer the man strawberries with whipped cream. Does he not like sweets? Believe me, he will not refuse such a dish, if only you serve it correctly! Lie down on the sofa or lean back in an armchair, put some cream on your chest, put a few berries – let your husband feast on it!

hot touches

Massage? Oh yeah! The husband happily agrees. Let him lie on the bed, and you sit on his buttocks: you are not a masseuse, but a wife – you can! Stretch his muscles, go over his skin with a feather or a scarf – contrasts excite. And then cling to him and caress your body … Are you afraid it won’t work? In vain! After all, sensuality is important here, and not the refinement of movements.