It is believed that school love is the strongest and most faithful. Therefore, a couple who have been together since school days should be happy and not know troubles. However, this is not always the case in real life…


Sometimes spouses who have lived together for a long time get used to each other so much that they simply stop appreciating some important moments of family life. In addition, the issue of acquiring the status of a parent can become a barrier and even a kind of wall between lovers.


This happened in the Lysenko family. 26-year-old Ekaterina and Ruslan have been together since their school years. The couple is raising three children. But problems in the family began with the birth of the first child, since Ruslan was not ready to become a father. Instead of taking care of his pregnant wife, he began to spend time with friends. Katya, in turn, forgave her husband everything until she found out about his first betrayal. Then she hoped that Ruslan would change. But the man did not stop his amorous affairs on the side.

The wife’s patience snapped – Katya was tired of her husband publicly cheating on her, insulting her and even raising a hand against her. The family asked for help for the project “Save Our Family” on STB TV channel. Lysenko hope that participation in the program will be able to save their marriage, and they will again begin to live a quiet life in love and understanding, as it once was.

Will Ruslan be able to give up his usual pleasures for the sake of his family – clubs, companies, drinking and entertainment with regular women? Will the couple be able to pass all the tests? What obstacles still await Catherine on the way to the desired dream – to change the walking nature of her husband? Watch this Tuesday, September 9, in the Save Our Family program at 20:00 on STB TV.