Warming each other is necessary not only in winter. Even in the summer, the warmth you gave will help to correct the wrong in relations with your loved one, moreover, in the literal sense. Pamper your boyfriend with a cup of hot aromatic coffee or tea. Just make sure that the drink does not cool down, otherwise, the effect will not be the same!

According to American psychologists, hot drinks warm the soul no less than the body, and cause a surge of positive emotions. Scientists conducted an experiment, as a result of which it was found that there is a completely natural relationship between body temperature and emotional warmth. And all this happens due to the fact that information about physical warmth and the warm state of the soul is received and processed in the same part of the brain.

In addition, do not forget that men are much more romantic than women, as we have already written about earlier. And this means that a cup of coffee brought to bed in the morning will definitely impress your loved one and help rekindle the fire of your feelings with renewed vigor!