In the program “About the most important” Alexander Myasnikov asked the audience: can a person develop a stroke against the background of migraine? Answer: yes. The doctor noted: as a rule, not any migraine is considered dangerous for the development of such a complication, but only that which occurs with the so-called aura. “When before a headache you have some sensations, visions, you hear sounds, smells. This migraine can turn into a stroke, ”explained Alexander Myasnikov.

Scientists have also paid attention to this point and say that now migraine is often seen not as a simple headache, but as a disease of the brain. And despite the fact that it continues to be considered a benign neurological disorder, there are also such severe complications as migraine stroke or heart attack.

One of the proposed mechanisms for the development of a catastrophe is considered to be prolonged severe pain, which intensifies various processes in the arteries. Experts note that such a diagnosis is one of the most difficult for clinicians, since migraine is a frequent disease, and stroke can be both a consequence and a cause of headache development. In addition, people with migraine may have other risk factors for stroke. Therefore, doctors should identify factors that provoke the risk of developing a hemorrhage in migraine – for example, the frequency and intensity of attacks can act as its role (in one study, women with migraine with aura had a greater risk of developing a stroke with a frequency of attacks of once or more per month. And this is 15.8 times more than in healthy people), some drugs can also affect. Studies have shown that patients with migraine with aura are twice as likely to have an ischemic stroke as those who do not have regular headaches. Also among the risk factors named smoking, which increases the risk of migraine three times. And in women who smoke, who also take oral contraceptives and suffer from migraines, the risk of stroke is seven times higher.

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