This is indeed a popular question. On the one hand, it happens that people find in their stocks old cans of the harvest 3-4 years ago. And some of them eat and are not even poisoned. On the other hand, by spring they sometimes become already “dead”, less tasty and soft. How to avoid it?

answers a question from readers Candidate of Technical Sciences and Food Technology Specialist Dmitry Zykov:

– Canned vegetables, fruits and berries are stored for a long time, and they will certainly be edible until spring. Of course, if they were made in compliance with all requirements for sterilization. But spoiling them with improper storage is easy.

And the most important thing in this, not even the storage temperature. The most important thing is to keep the jars with them in complete darkness. Light is a mild radiation, but it is sufficient to destroy some substances concentrated in the skin and surface layers of the fruit in such a period of time. This damage is easy to see with the eye, the gifts of nature turn pale and dim. Before destruction, the molecules gave them color, and many of them, being antioxidants, also had useful properties.

Even room temperature will not kill marinades, heat-treated pickles, jams and compotes. But it is better to keep the jars with them at a temperature not higher than 5-8 ° C. The most persistent of them are marinades. According to GOSTs, they are stored for 2-3 years, but in reality they can withstand up to 10 years – the acid does not allow bacteria to develop. But they won’t do any good. Vegetables that are simply poured with hot brine and rolled up in jars are stored for no more than 1-2 years.

Jams cost about the same, but it is better to seal them not hermetically, but cover them with paper or parchment. So they will “breathe”, and the more they give up moisture and become thicker, the better their ability to be preserved. It’s also good to sprinkle a tablespoon of sugar on top of the jam. This will prevent mold from forming. If it is gray or bluish, it is not dangerous – just remove it with a margin. Only the aspergillus fungus is very harmful, you will recognize it by black spots like soot. With such spoilage, ruthlessly throw away the jam.