According to Skyscanner, 80% of women who are not in a serious relationship dream of meeting a beautiful stranger on vacation. And almost everyone is hoping that the romance will develop into something more than just an adventure. But is it worth counting on?

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80% of men believe that summer relationships should end with vacation. This is what happens in most cases. 30% of novels continue for some time, but not for long. Why? In everyday life, we go headlong into worries-problems that bring us back to reality, forcing us to look at the “resort prince” differently. And if the beloved also lives on the other side of the country, then fragile feelings go out even faster. And only 5% of holiday romances end in a wedding.

Don’t put high hopes on a sudden infatuation. Treat it lightly so you can come home with a twinkle in your eye, not a broken heart. Do not get hung up on finding a soul mate, but relax and enjoy your vacation. If you meet your love on the seashore, it will be a pleasant surprise for you.

Every fourth woman dreams of fulfilling her erotic fantasies on vacation, trying on the role of a fatal temptress or a frivolous coquette. Sexologists say this is a good training in flirting skills. But in order not to have to pay for the pleasure, follow the safety precautions.
● Be sure to use condoms to protect yourself from infections.
● If your macho asks for a loan or persuades you to spend the night outside the hotel, this should alert you and make you doubt the sincerity of his intentions. Do not agree to dubious offers and do not leave personal things unattended: passion is passion, but it is better to play it safe!
● Do you want to make love on the beach? Keep in mind that in Romania, Greece, Denmark, Turkey and Egypt, sex in a public place is subject to a fine of several hundred euros. What is there! In the UAE, even kissing on the street is stopped, and unmarried people are forbidden to settle in the same room! So before going abroad, study the laws of the country.

Psychologist’s comment:

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No one knows what fate awaits you around the corner. An accidental acquaintance may turn out to be the love of a lifetime, and a serious romance may not lead to the creation of a family…

1. Going to a resort, you should rather not think about finding a husband, but about relaxation and your own pleasure. Remember: men read information primarily by appearance and behavior. If you signal your availability by walking down the street or sitting in a cafe (many people think that resort clothing should only cover a little nudity), is it any wonder that certain men with a well-known purpose will get to know you. And if you accept their courtship, and then refuse to “continue acquaintance”, a portion of aggression and a spoiled mood are provided to you.

2. On vacation, first of all, you should take care of your mood. You have a few days to relax and enjoy. Everything that does not fit into the program “Rejoice!” should be deleted from it.
Many women manage to spend half their vacation on worries: why the man who picked up the phone did not call back, or why he says that he is not married, although the trace of the ring clearly indicates the opposite. It doesn’t make any sense. Fate will not leave you anyway, and the time spent on empty suffering will never return.

3. Be careful with alcohol. To make the evening pleasant, a glass of wine is enough. If the waiter often brings drinks to your table, this is also a sign of accessibility for the surrounding men. You do not want to become an “easy prey”, a woman that a fan will forget with the first rays of the sun.

4. Men are also looking for women, but the resorts are not always for a serious relationship. Often, on vacation, some men overcome natural modesty and stiffness and behave too freely. Therefore, it is very important how you will behave with them. It makes no sense to maintain an office seriousness, communicate easily and naturally, but maintaining dignity. And for some, your demeanor will be a reason to leave, while for others it will change your behavior to a more serious one. The ability to win over people and calmly refuse those who are not interesting to you will ensure a good mood, which means that you will have more chances for a pleasant acquaintance.