1. Smile

We look at a person’s face for less than 0.1 seconds and already make up about it opinion. That is, the first impression we make depends on our emotions and facial features.

According to one research, the candidate’s face can predict the outcome of political elections. And the other experiment showed that those whose appearance was not credible were less likely to get a loan. At the same time, a good credit history and a certificate of income did not play a primary role.

The happier we look, the more we are trusted and the better people treat us. Smiling is the key to liking. And even if the first impression turned out to be a failure, there is still a chance to establish contact with a person. If you charm him, he will change his negative opinion of you.

Be friendly and smile when meeting people.

2. Don’t be afraid to speak up

To like people is a very useful quality that will come in handy in life. Outgoing Entrepreneurs more often achieve success, and employees with developed communication skills climb the career ladder more easily. Communication is extremely important these days. Many companies are moving away from the hierarchical structure, where the employee was afraid to put in his word.

Not everyone finds it easy to talk to a stranger or carry on any conversation. Even if it seems to you that you are a hopeless introvert, try to train your sociability.

3. Raise your eyebrows

The three things that tell our brains that a person is not dangerous to us are their smile, slightly tilted head, and raised eyebrows. When we make contact, we involuntarily raise and lower our eyebrows. It literally takes a fraction of a second. Do not overdo it.

4. Listen

Show genuine interest in what the person is saying. Each person is interesting in their own way, and almost every conversation can be learned something useful and exciting.

If you can’t seem to get interested in his story, carefully examine the iris of the interlocutor’s eyes. Such prolonged eye contact will make him think that you are really engaged in his speech.

5. Praise

But don’t confuse this with flattery. If a person shines from the inside, tell him about it. First, it’s a great way to start a conversation. Secondly, he will like you, be grateful for the compliment and share his joy. Everything is positive.

6. Look for common ground

Try to do this, even if your opinions differ in many ways. Listen to the point of view of the interlocutor, do not interrupt him. Perhaps you will agree with some of his arguments.

7. Repeat the body language of the interlocutor

If the interlocutors repeat the movements and facial expressions of each other, then the contact is established. In this way, you can even check how well the conversation is going. Sit a little differently and see if the person did the same.

8. Ask Personal Questions

Use this trick if you need to please someone as soon as possible. This also works in reverse. Tell something personal about yourself to earn the person’s trust. But do not dump all the information about yourself on the interlocutor at once. Give it out in batches. Then each of your stories will impress him and keep you interested.