The relationship between two loving people is a complex matter. In order for the union to last long and remain strong, both partners must make the same contribution to them.

responsibilities in a relationshipresponsibilities in a relationship

Some feel that they have a special responsibility for the relationship, and are literally obliged to do certain things in them. Statistics show that most often obsessive thoughts about debt to a couple occur in girls. Today we will talk about what no girl should do in a relationship against her will.

What is the problem?

The fact is that some men still adhere to the model “the house is on the woman, and the food is on me.” But today, most ladies work on a par with the “strong” sex, sometimes even bringing most of the funds to the family budget. Even if a woman is on maternity leave, there is no place in her schedule for daily general cleaning and restaurant meals.

Another question is when a man requires increased attention, does not allow you to see friends or forces you to have sex. In this case, we are no longer talking about the distribution of responsibilities, but toxicity, and maybe even tyranny.

6 things you shouldn’t do in a relationship

You should definitely not do these things against your will:


Yes, not everyone has the talent to cook deliciously. Basically, you don’t even have to want to do it. If your young man is looking for a personal chef or a second mother, let him contact an agency hiring a professional. In the end, you can always agree and share responsibilities. Let everyone do what he most likes and misunderstandings can be avoided.

what a man shouldwhat a man should

Pull the whole life

In addition to cooking, there is always a lot of other work in the house that also needs to be done. This includes laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, and managing expenses. In a house where two people live, duties should be shared equally.

understand and forgive

Yes, two loving people in a couple should be able to listen and hear. But to expect that any of your tricks will be forgiven is at least selfish. Even family members can hurt. You are not obliged to forgive a young man just because he is your soul mate. Everyone has their own limits.

have sex

Sex is a process that is impossible without the mutual consent of its two participants. Otherwise, by allowing sex out of desire, you allow violence to be. No one has to want to have sex 24 hours a day just because they have a mate. Your interests should also be taken into account.

what do you owe in a relationshipwhat do you owe in a relationship

Spending all your free time with each other

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean locking yourself up at home with one single person for the rest of your life. Your love will be healthy only if it becomes part of a life filled with other colors, and does not take it away entirely. You, as before, have your friends, relatives, work and hobbies. All this requires an internal resource and must necessarily remain in everyday life.

sacrifice yourself

What makes you suddenly think that spitting on your interests and desires is noble? No one will appreciate such courtship, and when you get tired of it, be prepared to remain guilty that you have ceased to be caring “as before.” Remember that you come first, and then everyone else. Even if this is a beloved man, let him be at least in some of your ratings not number 1.

Author: Yulia Baturina