Women are incredibly selfless creatures when it comes to their loved ones. We are ready for anything to make our men happy and succeed.

Man and woman - photoMan and woman - photo

But there are things that you should never do at the very beginning of a fragile relationship. Otherwise, on a joint future, you can safely put a bold cross.

  1. Give money

Even if he complains that finances sing romances, this should not be a signal for decisive action. He is an adult and independent person, he must be responsible for his actions and his life. Does he have financial problems? Let him rip them apart. You can’t help him with money, denying yourself what you need or, moreover, looking for a part-time job.

  1. Give expensive gifts

Similar to point 1. If your man is not a gigolo, and you have other ways than money to keep him around, don’t do it. Giving him expensive gifts means making a male kept woman out of him, and turning love into a profitable deal for him.

  1. regret

There is such a marvelous breed of male whiners. Their lives have failed – or subjectively failed – so they are ready to tell about all their misadventures in the darkest colors. And to anyone who hangs their ears, they will be happy to buzz about their troubles. A man is created to solve problems, not create them. It is one thing when a person needs to be listened to something that depresses him very much. Another is when complaints about life are a trait of character. You just have to run from these. Otherwise, you yourself will begin to consider him a jerk and begin to despise him.

If your beloved, who is not generally prone to despondency, often complains, prick up your ears, but again, do not rush to draw frank conversations out of him. Don’t ask him anything. Just be patient, leave him alone and surround him with an atmosphere of care and comfort. Silent understanding will bring you closer. And men always needed to be alone and think to solve problems. Such a tendency they have – in moments of spiritual hardship to retire.

  1. Advise

Especially if they don’t ask. Advice is such a tricky thing: to the giver they seem absolutely obvious, but to the receiver they are delusional and imposed from the outside. It is not surprising that your man will rebel if you decide to load him with your “You’d better …”. Moreover, advice implies that the adviser is responsible for the result.

  1. educate/inspire

A man is already an established personality. Not a cat, not a dog, not a dolphin – you cannot train him. “Punishing” with the lack of sex, dinner, or an offended grimace is simply stupid. And he is no longer a boy – to educate too. So save all the inspiring films and books “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” for your own personal use. Do you want to inspire a man to success? Be bright, radiant, advanced yourself. For the sake of such a woman, he will want to move even mountains.