Fact: Everyone lies. But why is your beloved man telling you lies? And how to deal with it?

  1. Mystery shrouded in darkness

Each of us lovingly collects his own little cemetery of skeletons in the closet throughout his life. It’s no surprise that your man has secrets that he would never want to share. A dark past, adventures, drug indulgence, gang involvement or expulsion from school fall out of the bright and beautiful image that he would like to create for you. He will avoid mentioning these slippery topics, and in response to a directly asked question he will begin to lie, lie desperately and recklessly.

There is nothing particularly terrible in this – unless, of course, he is now criminally prosecuted or his wife and child are waiting for him in another city. After all, your man didn’t spring up out of the ground just the moment you met. Prior to that, he lived his life for decades and managed to do a lot.

What to do?

You also want to keep something a secret from him, don’t you? Let him keep some details of his life “before you” to himself.

  1. Sir, protect yourself!

Did you ever lie to your mother as a child that your younger brother broke a vase? They say men are big kids. Therefore, the infantile lie on the blue eye for many of them is still a means to which they resort in order to protect themselves. When you hear on the phone at the same time, “Darling, I’m sorry, I’m late, I’m in traffic on the South Bridge!” and the voices of his friends in the background are just that.

This can happen if you are too strict with him, too protective. He is a grown man, and he does not always want to report to you about his every step.

What to do?

Get less involved in his affairs, and the frequency of episodes of white lies will come to naught.

  1. Maiden memory

In one of the episodes of The Simpsons, Homer says this phrase: “Strange, Marge was so happy when I made these promises to her. What has changed? If your chosen one is always ready to promise you from three boxes, after which his memory becomes “like a goldfish – three seconds” – it means that he does not know how to be responsible for his words. Some people really do not know that, having promised something and having achieved the location of a partner, you need to keep your word. What for? He promised you that he would give you a massage in the evening – you were delighted. Everything, his goal has already been achieved! Is there anything else that needs to be done?

Both in everyday life and in small things, such selective absent-mindedness is very annoying. Especially when you, having discovered that he once again forgot to feed the cat or take out the garbage, do everything yourself.

What to do?

Do not bear his part of the responsibility. Didn’t wash the dishes? Ouch. We will watch how mold tendrils grow menacingly on a mountain of plates. He promised to go to the supermarket, but in the refrigerator – at least roll a ball? So, while no one goes out for groceries, hungry times have come. Alas.

  1. I Need a Hero

“How are you?” “Everything is super,” he replies in the tone of an Eeyore.

Can your partner use the word “super” to describe their life full of all sorts of worries, from a fight with their boss to credit problems? He is silent about his failures and failures, like a fish?

Boys don’t cry. And yet they don’t lose, they don’t complain, they don’t experience creative stagnation, they don’t lose their jobs, they don’t go bald … Often, future men are brought up in such a way that later they consider themselves not entitled to complain about anything.

What to do?

Remind him that he is a person close to you, and you are worried when you see him in a depressed state, but do not know the reasons for what is happening. Let him know that you love him not for “universal coolness.” Even if he is not Superman, he is dear to you.

  1. Oil on the soul

“I trust your opinion”, “come on, you choose – you have such a delicate taste”, “no, dear, you are flawless in all these dresses”, “you are so smart with me, and then, you have golden hands” … And so you book a hotel alone, choose wallpaper for the living room and nail a shelf. If a man with whom you have a serious relationship is prone to constantly appeasing you with such phrases, this is a reason to be wary. It is much easier for your personal couch potato to tell you that you will cope with any task without his participation than to get involved in the process yourself.

What to do?

Pretend to be a weak woman. At all times, the main female weapon has been the following tactic: you create the illusion that you can’t cope without it, you generously praise it for a successful completion or a heroic attempt, and – voila! – a solid male shoulder is provided to you.