Remember these words! Despite all their simplicity, they can easily change your life together beyond recognition.

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“Nice to wake up with you”

It seems to be nothing special? But this simple phrase says that you trust your partner and feel safe at his side. It is possible that a sweet morning greeting will be followed by a hotter continuation, which is definitely good for the relationship.

“What are you… (strong, brave)”

It is believed that men are not indifferent to any flattery. But this is not entirely true: if you start praising non-existent virtues, your hero will most likely suspect that you are mocking. Think: what is his strength? How does he surprise you? Here about it also tell. And it is better to focus not on appearance, but on qualities, skills. Still, you appreciate him not for his Roman profile and not for his beautiful ass (although this is a nice bonus).


A simple word has magical power. By saying it out loud, you are thereby signaling the desire to continue the relationship. At the beginning of the novel, young people often take each other’s attentions for granted – and each is left with the feeling that he is not appreciated. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for a long time or the relationship has just begun, don’t forget to say thank you. Even for the most banal and petty manifestations of care.