– one –

Share everything with each other. All feelings. Without this, there will be no mutual understanding.

— 2 —

Touch each other more often and have more sex. Even when you are no longer young. Physical displays of affection create intimacy.

— 3 —

Don’t get hung up on the little things. Relationships are so much more than any petty fight. It is unlikely that in 10 years it will be important who washed the dishes today.

– four –

Make time for yourself and your hobbies. When each partner is happy and satisfied with life, you will be happy as a couple.

– 5 –

Make compromises. Rate how important the decision is to you on a scale of 1 to 10 and ask your partner to do the same. If dinner at a restaurant is 5 for you, and a quiet evening at home is 9 for your partner, compromise and stay at home.

— 6 —

Don’t ignore your partner after a fight. Discuss everything that hurts as quickly as possible. If you accumulate emotions for a long time, sooner or later you will explode.

— 7 —

Be patient. Both of you will change and develop. You will not always be happy with how your partner changes. Maintaining a relationship takes patience.

– eight –

Celebrate together when something good happens.

– 9 –

Talk about what you need. Your partner doesn’t read your mind. If you feel that you are moving away from each other, say so.

– ten –

Find new shared hobbies to spend more time together. Ride bikes, take cooking classes, or tend your garden. This will strengthen your relationship.

– eleven –

Set up dates. Spend time together, no matter how much work or problems you have. At least go for a walk or cook dinner together.

– 12 –

Plan your budget together. This is a great opportunity to discuss future plans and think about how to implement them.

– 13 –

Surprise each other. Leave a note, give a small gift, cook your favorite meal, or plan a weekend getaway. So you remind your soulmate of your love.

– fourteen –

When something good has been done for you, show gratitude openly. The partner knows that you are pleased, but will be delighted to hear it.

– fifteen –

Laugh and make each other laugh. Don’t take it all so seriously.

– 16 –

Put yourself in your partner’s shoes before judging them. Avoid excessive criticism and negative comments.

— 17 —

Be friends in pairs, but don’t forget to chat with your friends individually.

– eighteen –

Trust your partner and be trustworthy yourself.

– 19 –

Remember why you once fell in love. Remind yourself what qualities attracted you to a partner, and appreciate them.

– twenty –

Enjoy what you have now. Whatever stage of your marriage you are in, enjoy every moment together.