How to please your beloved on Valentine’s Day if your finances are already singing romances?

ideas for valentine's dayideas for valentine's day

On February 14, everyone wants romance, love, exciting dates. But what to do if in the middle of the month the salary is over, and finances sing romances? You shouldn’t be sad. We have prepared 14 ideas for your exciting date.

1. Go for a walk

Walking around the city is also a good idea for Valentine’s Day. You just need to go to places you have never been. Play snowball fights, hold hands, buy mulled wine with you and go for a walk through the unexplored streets.

2. Adventure

You can take mulled wine in a thermos with you and go to the suburbs, or even to another city for a day. And it is not necessary to go to some conditional Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk. You can go to a small town with your city. The main thing is the novelty, which, as you know, excites.

3. Stay home

Make a romantic playlist, cook or order delicious treats, and have a romantic at home. There is definitely something to do at home: from TV shows to passionate sex.

Valentine's DayValentine's Day

4 Cooking Date

If you do not go to a restaurant, you can arrange a restaurant at home. Stock up on ingredients, select a recipe, and start cooking.

You can cook pizza, or experiment with sweets. Even if you end up with only strawberries and cream, that’s not bad either, because it’s known to be a very romantic dish.

You can also start preparing various alcoholic cocktails, this is also very personal.

5. Games (not what you think)

Only lazy people don’t play board games these days. We offer to arm ourselves with a desktop and play from the heart. You can start with a twister and end with a Scrabble. Show your imagination and choose a game, and if you’re too lazy, just start playing strip cards.

The main thing Don’t play Monopoly. It has been proven that this game is the best way to quarrel.

6. Games (exactly what you thought)

Role-playing games are also a good option for Valentine’s Day. This day is literally conducive to romance and all kinds of adventures.

7. Romantic photo session

Now everyone has a phone with a good camera, and some even have a camera. Go for a walk and arrange a fun photo session. A good idea for a photo shoot is to dress up as each other and take a picture like that.

8. Remember first dates

If you’re in a long-term relationship, you can get a little nostalgic and go on a “first date.” Remember where you went when you just started dating. This is a very cute idea for a date on Valentine’s Day, and usually the first dates are budget.

9. Gift game

Prepare a gift for your beloved and hide it somewhere at home, and scatter clues around the apartment itself. Let him look for what you have prepared for him.

10. Massage

Romantic, erotic or completely ordinary – it’s up to you.

budget datebudget date

11. Urban entertainment for lovers

On Valentine’s Day in the same Kyiv, there are many free and cool entertainment for lovers. You can search for them on the web. There are also various inexpensive entertainment: excursions and so on.

12. Master class for two

For lovers of self-education – this is an ideal option. Together you can go to a master class in painting, cooking and so on.

13. Date on the roof

Some houses have an open roof, and some can be negotiated with a senior at the entrance. One way or another, if it is possible to find a way to the roof of your house, you can arrange a date there. Just be careful!

14. Cinema for two

Go to the cinema on the last row, watch a good movie.

How are you planning to spend Valentine’s Day?