People have always been interested in the criteria by which beautiful ladies choose their life partners. Scientists from New South Wales also decided not to leave this question unanswered and conducted a large-scale study to find out what kind of men modern women like.

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It turned out that ten-day stubble on a man’s face attracts most of the fair sex. But the vegetation in the chin area is regarded by women as a sign of the outstanding parental talents of its owner.

More than 300 women of heterosexual orientation took part in studies on this topic. During the experiment, the participants were shown photographs of men whose faces were decorated with mustaches, beards, multi-day or weak stubble, as well as photographs of smooth-shaven gentlemen.

The subjects had to evaluate the portraits according to specific parameters: the degree of attractiveness and masculinity, the alleged state of health of the depicted man, and parental abilities.

It is worth adding that the scientists took into account the slightest changes and differences in the physical and emotional state of the female participants, including even the day of the menstrual cycle and the impact of contraceptives.

To the surprise of the authors of the experiment, smooth-shaven men were the first to “drop out” of the competition: the fair sex considered them to be insufficiently courageous and attractive. A beard, on the contrary, turned a man into a harsh and courageous, but too aggressive and brutal subjects.

But the “golden mean” was a ten-day stubble – women unanimously recognized its owners as sexy and attractive.