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It has long been known that the female heart is a mystery. Women like not only beautiful, tall and strong representatives of the stronger sex. One of the important criteria when choosing a woman’s life partner is the presence of a sense of humor.

This fact was recently proved by scientists from the School of Medicine at Stanford University. They say that the fair sex is most sympathetic to men who are able to make them laugh. Moreover, researchers have proven that this attraction is inherent in women at the genetic level.

The experiment involved 22 participants aged 6 to 13 years. The researchers scanned their brains while watching funny videos with people falling, funny animals, and the like.

After that, the subjects were shown several positive clips of dancing and snowboarders. And at the end of the experiment, the participants watched a series of neutral videos with natural landscapes and images of children riding bicycles.

It turned out that girls’ brain activity increased while watching funny and funny videos, which proves their propensity and sensitivity to everything funny and cute, unlike boys.

Thus, it has been proven that gender differences in the perception of comic situations appear even in early childhood.

Scientists believe that this is why women choose funny men, because the female brain, and especially the area responsible for the reaction to pleasure, is better prepared to perceive funny and comical situations.