Almost every woman once begins to scandal. No, she’s not hysterical. And PMS with menopause together, she doesn’t have it either. There are also no magnetic storms, a parade of planets, a coven of dark forces. And Mars did not enter into opposition with Pluto. The tram was not rude. The boss didn’t quit. And friend Ludochka did not buy a mink coat. But the woman screams, slams the door and hangs up. And she does it, of course, to a man. Her friend Ludochka can also, but the quarrels of two women take place with a completely different dynamic. They simultaneously made noise, shouted, cried, hugged, and then either “enemies forever” or girlfriends as usual.


With a man it’s different. Men, a scandalous woman are usually ignored, again PMS, a parade of planets, in general – see above – “I will fade for a couple of days, she will scream, and then you look and the stars will turn and the storm will calm down, and everything will be as usual.” As usual, until the next scandal

Or they don’t ignore, but start to make excuses, apologize “I’m sorry, but you misunderstood everything, I’m sorry, I was busy, it seemed to you, no, I didn’t mean it at all.”

And the woman screams even more. And even more scandal. Because he feels like a sick idiot. No way to be heard.

But she did not just come to the scandal. Usually, we raise our voice when the interlocutor cannot hear us. The more he doesn’t hear us, the more I want to scream


I believe that most women are adequate and sane. No, there are, of course, those whose mood depends on the position of the stars in the sky or the movement of geoplasts. But I definitely don’t consider them sane. And to anyone who dares to be near such a “bomb with an unguided fuse” I can only say one thing: “well, you got it, brother.”

But if we talk about a pair of two sane people, then in it one cannot become insane without any reason. And yes, men, PMS is not such a reason, otherwise you would not even be able to leave the house, the streets would be full of screaming and raging menstruating women. Hello Apocalypse.

If what if your woman screams and scandals, then you have not heard her for quite some time

She told you “honey, let’s go somewhere, I really want to be together”, you answered “yes, okay, but I’m busy now” and still did not find time. Or they were indignantly surprised: “Well, I come home to spend the night every day.” She asked “if you promised to come or do something for me at a certain time, and then you can’t, just warn me that you can’t so that I don’t wait”, you said “Yes, of course” and forgot to tell her about the change plans. How many times have you promised “Yes, okay”, “Yes, I will”, “Yes, wait a little more and everything will change.”

Quarrel - photoQuarrel - photo

Promisingly declared “I hear you”, “I know that I was wrong” and … nothing changed

Checking reflexes in the office of a neurologist – I hear and see well. And even, perhaps, I understand not badly. But I’ll postpone everything for “later”, she’s still with me, which means she will understand, wait and be patient.

The hero of the popular film longingly said, “Lord, how boring we live! We lost the spirit of adventurism! We stopped climbing through the windows to the women we love.” We really live a boring life, but not because we stopped climbing through windows. But because they began to postpone each other for “later”. We expect such total acceptance and understanding from a partner. And somehow we relax ingeniously – since we are now together, everything can be real, I want to be accepted as I am. But “Real” and “Just as it is” does not mean any boor, lazy, hysterical, rude, crybaby, alcoholic, etc. And the notorious “working on relationships” means nothing more than managing YOUR vices and shortcomings so that the partner can coexist with us.

quarrel - photoquarrel - photo

And when your woman makes a row, it means that somewhere in something your shortcomings are out of your control and become uncomfortable for the other side. And this discomfort has been going on for a long time. You don’t need to climb into the windows of women, it’s important just to hear them sometimes.


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