A team of scientists from the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Ben-Gurion University (Israel) found out that it is love that makes people tell lies.

Photo: Thinkstock/ fotobank.uaPhoto: Thinkstock/ fotobank.ua

It turns out that in the body of a person in love, a large amount of oxytocin is produced – a hormone that promotes lies. Often called the hormone of love and tenderness, oxytocin is released in the body during pleasant life experiences – for example, in a state of love or after the birth of a child.

Until recently, this “love” hormone was usually associated with honesty and trust, but now it has been established that it is the high level of oxytocin in the body that makes people tell lies more often.

Researchers believe that people have to hide the unpleasant truth and behave not quite ethically in order to preserve the emotional peace of loved ones, because warmly treating a person, you are unlikely to injure him with a cruel truth. On the contrary, most people in such a situation try to hide it.

It is now well established that this is due to the high level of oxytocin, which speeds up the decision to lie, especially in cases where this lie will be for the benefit of loved ones and loved ones. Scientists insist: if the lie is only about self-interest, then oxytocin has no effect.