Why do men go to women much younger than them? Psychologist Natalya Kholodenko spoke about the reasons and advised how to be abandoned by wives in the TV show “Everything will be good” on the STB channel.

Socialite Svetlana Volnova and culinary expert Alla Kovalchuk shared their personal experiences, and psychologist Natalya Kholodenko spoke about the signs that women need to pay attention to in a relationship with a man.

So, if a man stopped paying attention to you, showing initiative in sex, making compliments, then it is likely that he has an interest in another woman.

How to behave if a man has a young mistress? What are the signs that something is wrong? How to return the former passion and try to return the beloved man? Psychologist Natalya Kholodenko shared all these secrets in the TV show “Everything will be kind” on STB.

Why men go to the young (Video)