Any woman would like to marry a man who sincerely loves her. However, not only tender feelings can push the stronger sex to marriage. Unfortunately, sometimes men are driven by completely different motives.

You barely know each other, and the man has already made you a marriage proposal? Take a good look at him! Perhaps your loved one is not being completely honest with you.


It is generally accepted that only women get married by calculation. This is not true! Some men, too, when choosing a life partner, take into account her financial situation. Decided to go down the aisle? Do not rush to take on family expenses until you are sure that a man is indifferent to your money.


No matter how loudly a man declares his independence, he still needs care. A delicious dinner and ironed shirts may be reason enough for him to propose. A man does not mind doing household chores? You can be calm!


Regular sex life can also be a reason for marriage. Remember, a harmonious union is based not only on passion, but also on spiritual intimacy.


Does your lover work for a company run by your father? Be careful! It is possible that a man marries you in order to ensure his successful career advancement.

friendly dispute

Men often argue that one of them marries before a certain age or within a set period of time. Are your relationships moving too fast? Do not rush to accept the offer! If the beloved agreed to wait another year without any problems, his thoughts are pure.

Fear of being alone

As a rule, men do not want to marry only up to a certain point. With age, most of them begin to experience fear of loneliness and dream of a strong family. Ask your lover about what he fears the most.

Housing problem

A man is forced to share living space with his parents, sisters, brothers and other relatives, but do you have a separate apartment? Perhaps, in order to get rid of annoying neighbors, he is even ready to get married! Try to talk to your loved one about his relationship with his family. Perhaps, in the course of a frank conversation, the truth will be revealed to you.

Marriage swindler

Such a man will not waste time, but will make you an offer at the first opportunity. Marrying is still his profession.