Many scientists believe that male psychology and natural natural polygamy are to blame. Let’s try to understand why our partners are no longer content with one woman and secretly have a mistress.

Hormonal cause

Researchers at King’s College London proved 50 years ago that every self-respecting man is tormented by the hormone vasopressin. And everything would not be so scary if this substance was not responsible for the so-called “spread of influence” function. It is this hormone that causes males to mark their territory, and men, accordingly, leads to polygamy and their natural desire to take possession of as many women as possible. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to avoid the production of a harmful hormone.

household reason

Treason - photoTreason - photo

Kinsey Institute research proves not the most pleasant theory for women. “When you see a woman naked long enough, you begin to pay attention to her face again” – this is exactly what one of the main postulates of scientists says. If you constantly walk naked around the house, it will excite a man only in the first months, and then it will cause the opposite effect.

Psychological reason


There is a so-called “self-esteem sinusoid” theory. The essence of the issue is that free men feel unwanted, and their self-esteem is, one might say, at the bottom. Having met a woman, our hero gradually emerges to the surface and self-esteem rises. Here the worst begins – the man thinks: “What am I, such a handsome man, doing next to her?”. Self-love leads to betrayal or breakup. Most often, in both cases, the man returns to his former partner because of the newly arisen fear of loneliness.