“Be simpler and people will reach out to you.” Who hasn’t heard this expression? Of course, in the context of the general movement “to live easier”, and therefore easier, without straining, without thinking, without investing strength – complex people are annoying. They want something. Not just something, they want more. So that for their sake they stop, think, tense up, write them something other than “hello” or a winking emoticon icon.

Woman thinking - photoWoman thinking - photo

Who are these difficult people?

Do not confuse complexity with confusion. The confused ones are just simple, it is difficult to fulfill all their whims and conditions. It’s not so much the whims that are difficult as you don’t understand “why?”. Pout girls who say “no, sex only after three dates in luxury restaurants, or better yet, let them take me to the Emirates first.” Lipless girls who tell a guy through their teeth “everything is fine”, although their whole appearance screams that they are not. She will not say, she will prefer to pout, let him guess what is to blame. “Oh, how complex I am.” Women who will not call first either a man or a child, even if they themselves are to blame, or are bored, or are worried – “let him call first”, “let him know how it is to forget to wish his mother a happy birthday.” And if he, a man or a boy, dares to destroy this wall of silence, then they will say “everything is fine” through their lips, like puffed-up girls, no matter how old they are – 50 or 20.

Man and woman - photoMan and woman - photo

You can, of course, jump and dance around such a girl or woman in a complex ritual dance set by them, but soon you feel that the relationship turns into endless auditions or exams, or walking through a minefield

And no matter what you do, no matter how you train, don’t try, don’t prepare, you still get past it – out of tune, out of rhythm and out of mood. Confused people want a lot, but give a little. Because there is nothing to give, and all these endless trials and competitions come up with a girl sitting inside, whom her parents did not like. He comes up with one goal – to get, to get, something that was so lacking in childhood.

Difficult people want a lot and give a lot. They might not like it either. Almost certainly disliked. But they grew up and learned to love themselves

As a tiger in a circus is taught to jump through a ring of fire, so they have taught themselves to give without fear of burning their skin. They trained the muscle of love first on themselves, accepting that offended and unloved girl inside, then it became easier for them to accept and love someone. A complex person knows what he wants, when, why and from whom. He built his relationship with himself with sweat and blood, he was both a tiger and a trainer in one bottle. Therefore, he does not exchange for trifles. Lying, being silent, pretending, playing games is boring. Life is short. You can text someone “hello” or just send an emoji, but why? If there is nothing to say, be silent. If you want to say, find something to say.

He is with you, he loves you - and what if you are not Miss Universe?He is with you, he loves you - and what if you are not Miss Universe?

Are relationships difficult with difficult people?

No. Difficult people are easy. After all, there is no need for pretense and conventions. If you want to see, say “come”. If you want help, say “help”, you can also visit at night with a bottle of wine. Less rituals and ceremonies, more meeting and depth.

It is difficult for those who understand the absence of interchange by the simplicity of relations. When you want to take, but don’t share. Or when you are so in love with yourself that you consider only your glance in someone’s direction to be the most valuable gift. Difficult people are uncomfortable. Because they want an exchange, and daffodils prefer in a bouquet, and not in the form of people.

Woman - photoWoman - photo

Difficult people find it difficult to underpay for work, be rude, ask tactless questions – difficult people are generally difficult to offend. Not because they are so persistent and impenetrable, but because they know their boundaries too well and know how to defend them.

And the saying with which I began this article, oddly enough, has its own, less well-known continuation, “be complex and then those who are simpler will fall behind you.”

Be complex. Live simply.


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