With the onset of spring, everything improved decisively. In every sphere of life, we will feel a drop in the tension that the winter frosts inevitably brought. It was as if the red ALARM light behind each of us suddenly went out, and it became possible to enjoy a series of endless sunny days. But for some, one question still remains open – how and where to find your love?

how to find lovehow to find love

Understanding the reasons

Before you get a job, you probably start from your education, experience, the required salary level and, of course, from the desire to develop in one area or another.

In order to do everything right, and therefore with maximum profit and pleasure, you need to do a wide range of analytical work.

You won’t go, as they say, “there, I don’t know where, for that, I don’t know why.” And so in this world it is necessary to act absolutely on all fronts on which we are. Time is fleeting, as the classics write, and this is obvious. But we tend to forget about the obvious things. Too many distractions around. Therefore, before pumping in a huge amount of time and energy, you need to explore the space (Hawking would agree), and how profitable such investments are.

find lovefind love

Love Formula

So, before you look for your love, you need to figure out why you need it. What is your idea of ​​love in general? Where did you get it from? Then you should take a closer look at the world around you and the people who surround you. One hundred percent, you know happy loving couples. Watch them. They can definitely peep how to attract your love or how not to lose it. Bring out your own vision of love, because it is a big part of our life, it is worth studying.

Think about what you really want. Better yet, write.

One in a million

The next time you meet a guy who, no matter how much you want, is still not the one you need, do not waste time on a relationship with him. At least not all the time. Since women tend to “go into a man with his head”, just like men, for example, in a binge. This unfortunate feature was very subtly noticed and described by Joseph Brodsky:

“The great man looked out the window, and for her the whole world ended with the edge of his wide, Greek tunic, with an abundance of folds like a stopped sea.”

Relationships with any people around us are valuable. It is always an abundance of lessons and challenges. Therefore, you do not need to cross out such a man from your life, if for some reason it seems that he does not fit. Just do not put all the apples in one basket (if you know what I mean), but by an effort of will to keep the variability of the development of events. After all, people sometimes grow up.

Don’t sit still

When people type into a search engine the query “where to find your love”, or “how to attract love into your life”, they forget about the most important thing – about themselves. After all, if you tour some places that you don’t need at all, just because the omniscient Google advised so, then you will obviously meet the wrong people. In doing so, you will waste time, money and effort. It’s better to make a list of parks where you have long dreamed of walking with your favorite music, or cozy little towns that will soon open their doors to tourists. Finally, go to Uzhgorod, where else to meet your love, if not under cherry blossoms? Do not compromise with yourself, all the same, dissatisfaction does not disappear anywhere. Dissatisfaction with life, one way or another, will come out, either in the form of scandals (if you do rush at the first person you meet), or in the form of hemorrhoids, which is the essence of one thing.

how to keep lovehow to keep love

Life is given in order to enjoy it, and love must be sought within oneself, and therefore projected onto everything that surrounds you.

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