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Scientists wondered when women get so used to a partner that they are ready to appear before him without “war paint”. It turns out that before appearing to her beloved without makeup, a woman waits an average of four weeks and one day. The fair sex is sure that otherwise the partner will leave them.

Who would have thought that women are so unsure of their own attractiveness and beauty that they are not ready to appear before the clear eyes of their boyfriend in their original form.

More than 1000 representatives of the fair sex took part in the survey. 60% of women admitted that they expect the feelings of the chosen one to strengthen – only in this case they are ready to appear to him without makeup. Meanwhile, a third of respondents are sure that their partner will leave them immediately if he sees them without makeup on their face.

Women also admitted that they are ready for various beauty tricks: when they arrive at the house of their chosen one, they first visit the bathroom to fix their makeup and get up at night to put on makeup. Many ladies admitted that they sleep without burying themselves in the pillow, so as not to spoil the beauty.

By the way, scientists have found that the opinion of colleagues at work excites beautiful ladies much less. However, about 30% of women said they didn’t want employees to see them without makeup. 20% of the participants in the experiment are afraid to catch the eye of the boss without makeup, and a third of the respondents are worried that, being without makeup, they can meet their ex.