It is already mid-December in the yard – it’s time to decide what your man’s gift will be for the New Year. The task, of course, is not an easy one, but you can cope with it in no time, because for this there are gift ideas for men for the New Year from “Liza”!

car accessory

If your spouse is an avid motorist, then the best gift for the New Year 2016 for him will be a fashionable gadget in his favorite car. Heated capes, a video recorder, a car charger for your phone, an air freshener for the cabin… There is room for imagination here!


A young man who carefully looks after himself can put an exquisite men’s perfume under the Christmas tree. However, if your spouse is indifferent to cosmetics, you should not spend money on such a present – an expensive bottle will remain standing on a shelf in the bathroom.

Tie and cufflinks

Such accessories will appeal to a real businessman. If your chosen one, on duty, goes to work in a suit and tie, such a gift will remind him of your concern, even when he is solving global issues.


A warm and cozy sweater made from natural materials will give your man a feeling of comfort even in severe frost (we hope that it will not be in 2016). Just refrain from funny prints – he definitely won’t wear a sweater with a cheerful deer to work.

Certificate for extreme

It’s easy to choose Christmas gifts for men who love extreme sports. Your loved one will definitely be delighted with a certificate for a wind tunnel flight or a parachute jump.