Our sense of smell is about 90% of all information that we perceive from the outside world. And since sex, relationships, family play a major, well, or leading role in our lives, you definitely need to know what smells excite your chosen one, as well as what smells will help leave a lasting impression after your meeting. After all, how many men, so many tastes, but scientists still brought out a number of basic smells that your partner will always admire.

what smells turn a man onwhat smells turn a man on

Natural body odor

This smell ranks first in the list of the most exciting smells for a man. So, the body secretes pheromones invisible to the eye, which are decisive when a man chooses his lover.

Most intensively, such pheromones are released in the chest, armpits, genitals and under the nose. A man reads such information with lightning speed and can immediately determine whether a girl suits him or not.

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They say that musk used to be extracted from a special gland of a certain type of deer – musk deer. But today, scientists have learned how to artificially extract this smell, which is still used in many perfumes to this day.

The smell of musk, like an enchanting potion, affects men. He is very strong and attractive. Therefore, if you buy perfume with notes of musk, the man will be bewitched by you for a long time. But musk is used only in expensive perfumes, so you should not skimp in this matter.



Even in ancient Rome and Greece, the benefits of nutmeg were known. The oil that is obtained after processing the seeds of nutmeg is simply incomparable in smell. The smell of nutmeg is tart, bitter, with slight hints of pungency. In a word, such a warming smell affects men in the best possible way.

Muscat liberates sexually, improves mood, inflames fantasy. There are simply no men indifferent to such a smell. The aroma pleasantly lies on the body of its owner and as if envelops her with warmth and mystery, the aroma of a riddle that any man immediately wants to solve.

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Essential oils

When in ancient times they still did not know how to extract oil from the flowers of plants, girls took baths from these plants. The effect was practically the same. But in the modern world in pharmacies you can find essential oils for every taste.

It is worth getting oils made from jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, bitter almond, as well as lavender and bergamot.

Add them to creams, shampoos or simply scented candles. Evaporation of essential oils will immediately be felt by your loved one.

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But still, you should avoid food smells – chocolate, strawberries, as well as the smells of certain flowers and even citrus fruits. Leave it for your girlfriends and your own pleasure.