In the age of the Internet, even dating is becoming virtual. But in order for such an acquaintance to take place, you need to choose the right main photo for your profile on a dating site or social network.

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Here is a list of common mistakes that women make when they “designate” one of their pictures as an avatar – the main photo of their page in a virtual marriage agency.

me and flowers

It is better not to choose a photo with a bouquet, because potential suitors may have a lot of questions. Who gave? For what reason? What now with the imaginary rival? In addition, such a picture in some men may cause suspicion that you are hiding something behind beautiful flowers, for example, zero breast size.

In the circle of friends

girlfriends photogirlfriends photo

Group photos in the company of girlfriends are categorically not suitable for an avatar. Firstly, the applicant will immediately have to face a puzzle – where exactly are you in the photo? Only a rare bore will agree to solve this riddle, and a normal man will move on to the next questionnaire. It can happen even worse: a potential boyfriend will like your girlfriend, not you. Do you want this?

Well, children, and children – then

If you are a young single mother and you want to meet a man who could become for your baby, if not a father, then a good friend, do not rush to “show” your child. In order not to frighten off a man who is subconsciously jealous of a woman for a child or perceives him as the offspring of a competing male, hold your son or daughter while in ambush – they will still have time to get used to each other.

Another man

8 rules to help you make friends with your neighbors - photo8 rules to help you make friends with your neighbors - photo

The worst thing is to publish a photo with another man on your profile of a dating site. A potential groom will not figure out who this representative of the stronger sex is to you. So leave pictures with work colleagues, fellow students or relatives for the Odnoklassniki website. Moreover, you need to ruthlessly remove from the frame any hints of the presence of males in your life.

Beautiful and brave

When taking a photo for an avatar on a dating site, you should be as careful as possible with sexual overtones – many young ladies confuse sexuality with attractiveness. Provocative poses, bright makeup or sexy clothes can make a man subconsciously perceive you as a girl for an easy relationship.

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