Sexuality is the most powerful and mysterious “weapon” of a woman. Our test will help you check how “armed” you are.


“I don’t need a bed to prove my femininity. I can be sexy just picking apples from a tree or standing in the rain,” said Audrey Hepburn. Each question will reveal one of the facets of your sexuality. Count the number of positive responses.

1. Do you like to look at yourself naked in the mirror?

2. Do you often touch your body, stroke it?

3. Do you know your strengths and weaknesses well?

4. Do you wear beautiful underwear every day, and not just “on special occasions”?

red underwearred underwear

5. Do you visit massage, cosmetic procedures, SPA?

6. Do you ever show up to work in high heels when you’re in the mood?

7. Do you like tasty and leisurely food?

8. Do you easily leave resentment and negativity in the past?

9. Every time you really want something, whether it’s a cake, a new perfume or a dress, do you allow yourself to do it?


10. Do you enjoy life?

11. Always know exactly what you want?

12. Are you confident in your attractiveness?

13. Do you flirt easily and confidently with men?

14. Do you like being the center of attention of men?

15. Do men constantly show attention to you, take care of you?

16. Do you like to hear compliments?

17. Do men give you expensive gifts?

18. Do you tell a man about your sexual desires?

19. Can you please yourself sexually?

20. Do you have orgasms regularly?

Test results

0–5 points. Accumulated fatigue, problems, disappointment in a partner – and you feel extinct. This is also manifested in relationships with men: interest on their part has subsided, you have doubts about your attractiveness, hang out in companies, etc. Do not try to replace the decline in sexual energy with revealing outfits and catchy makeup. Relax, fill yourself with energy, feel the taste for life. And you will see the result!

6–15 points. You know and love yourself, you know how to enjoy life, but sometimes your self-confidence fails. Carefully analyze the questions to which you answered in the negative, and try to pay attention to these areas of life. “The most desirable woman is the one who loves herself” – let these words of Monica Bellucci inspire you.

16–20 points. Your chosen one will be very lucky! You are bright and liberated, your sexual energy attracts and fascinates men. But don’t overdo it! “Sexuality is power. But only when it is not waved like a flag. You don’t need to conquer anyone, the man himself must consider and decide whether you are sexy or not, ”advises the modern sex symbol, actress Megan Fox.

Sexuality is an essential feature of a happy woman. Do you want to be happy? Look:

Author: Lisa Women’s magazine


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