In an effort to deliver maximum pleasure to their beloved, many girls decide on the most courageous experiments. There are master classes in oral-manual caresses and even in teaching the complex elements of the Kama Sutra. And of course, you can’t do without the super-expert opinion of your friends and their oh-so-very reliable recommendations.

female sexualityfemale sexuality

With such a wide range of sources of “reliable” information, any girl gets a sense of herself as a goddess of sexual prowess. And now, returning home from some such master class or after spiritual gatherings with friends, the lady intends to strike her chosen one on the spot.

Imagine the disappointment when tricks proven by “experts” do not give the promised result … Let’s look at the example of the most common beliefs, whether a woman’s opinion always correctly reflects the true male desires.

men love big lips

I don’t want to disappoint the girls who have invested in the mega volume of their lips, but men do not like volume, but sensuality!

“The more, the better” is a path to comedy, but not to seductiveness. When adjusting the shape of your lips, if necessary, do not lose a sense of proportion.

It is worth noting: the proportion when the lower lip is slightly more voluminous is considered the most sexually attractive. So most often it is laid down by nature in the formation of the physiology of the female face.

beautiful lips photobeautiful lips photo

Share frank fantasies

Conversations on intimate topics really liberate and increase the level of trust in a couple. But do they have to be extremely frank?

Perhaps this will surprise someone, but based on the experience of all practicing sexologists, I can say with confidence that women’s fantasies are much larger and more extraordinary than men’s.

For example, if men most often imagine themselves as a powerful master in bed with a hundred beauties, then a woman can even talk about visualizing closeness with an alien or an unreal virtual character with physical superpowers.

In order to avoid misunderstanding and alienation, it is appropriate to share those sexual fantasies that are at least theoretically realizable in a couple.

Costumes from the sex shop

When experimenting with role-playing games, you should first ask your man what erotic images really excite him. For example, for some, latex will cause erotic fantasies that disturb the brain, and for others, a feeling of disgust when touched.

If we analyze which erotic costumes men most often prefer, then this, oddly enough, is a school uniform.

When choosing a seductive outfit, it is worth remembering that often, even with their visual appearance, costumes with pronounced sexual elements for 70% of men seem less attractive than the naked body of the chosen one, tritely covered with a towel.

female sexualityfemale sexuality

Verified Actions

You should not assume that what your previous partner liked in your performance should certainly delight your current chosen one. This applies to both words and any actions in the process of intimacy.

The sexual needs of each person are very individual. Sex is not an area where you can create a script that will evoke the same positive reaction when you change the main character.

The sensuality and susceptibility of any erogenous zones is formed not from a single touch, but with regular exposure to one or another point. After a while, your couple will definitely have their own unspoken code of conduct. Your personal taboos and pleasure zones will form. The interaction of each particular pair will lead to the fact that each of the partners will bring something new to the spectrum of their sensations. Each of you may begin to like something that did not arouse interest before, or, conversely, you would prefer to refuse something. And that’s completely normal.

Do not be surprised if some praised element, for example, oral-manual caresses, which you were taught at a master class, does not delight your man.

Loud screams

Of course, a woman’s reaction is important to a man. If your feeling of satisfaction is expressed by loud exclamations, this is good. But deliberately simply moaning loudly when there was no reflex urge for this can be ridiculous.

Artificial cries, as a rule, are very untimely, and men quite easily determine this. And in some cases, your inappropriate scream can even scare your partner and lead to loss of erection.

Voice guidance is appropriate when it is a natural manifestation.

It is interesting to note that during an orgasmic reaction in a woman, the diaphragm reacts in a special way. This leads to the fact that when moaning, even the owners of a very high voice have a transition to very low notes.

woman in mask photowoman in mask photo

A woman must be gentle

Of course, the manifestation of tenderness is an integral part of femininity. Just don’t deliberately rush into it. The presence of tenderness does not exclude the need for the power of touch. In addition, if you are not a soft, obstinate cat by nature, perhaps your man chose you for this. It is worth noting that pink ruffles and bows are by no means the attributes that will make you more tender in the eyes of a partner.

Tenderness is a quality that unconditionally comes to a woman when she finds harmony in herself first of all.


Initiative is good, if it does not develop into obsession. Often women reproach their men for lack of activity, despite the fact that this applies to absolutely all areas of communication in a couple. If you want a manifestation of perseverance and dominance from your chosen one, do not overdo it with your personal activity.

A provocation to the initiative of your man and the endless manifestations of your personal initiative are two different things.

female sexualityfemale sexuality


Female submission is one of the most common male fantasies. But this does not mean at all that the partner dreams of your unconditional obedience always and in all situations. Such a position of roles truly excites only when a self-sufficient, self-confident, able to make a decision and stand up for herself girl shows humility. Only then does a man get the sense of self of a conqueror who has conquered his lady of the heart.

Submission should not preclude self-respect. This is a recognition of the superiority of your man, and not an element of personal humiliation.

Remember that when talking about sexual desires and needs, you can never generalize. This is the most intimate sphere, and the way it is revealed in the desires of your man is a very individual, unique case.

Understanding the mutual idyll in the case of each couple is very special. Don’t expect your partner to necessarily enjoy what you know should be enjoyable. Appreciate the individuality of your man and, trying to please, take into account his personal unique desires.

Never do something for which you yourself did not have a true desire, and do not demand from your partner that which does not correspond to his understanding of pleasure.

Julia PalovskiJulia Palovski

Julia Palovski

Psychologist, sexologist, certified imbuilding instructor,

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