Photo: Nick WoodmanPhoto: Nick Woodman

Canadian scientists have found that the thoughts of men and women differ even in the features of nightmares. Men most often see military operations and natural disasters in a dream, and women – betrayals and lies of loved ones.

The experiment involved 300 people of both sexes who were first asked to write down their dreams every morning for a month. As a result, it turned out that women’s descriptions of dreams were more detailed and colorful.

The most popular topics of unpleasant dreams for women turned out to be various interpersonal conflicts: lies of relatives, family quarrels, adultery or gossip. In their dreams, women often miss a train or an important event, become seriously ill, get lost in an unfamiliar place, and even die. Ghosts, vampires, monsters and other monsters often appear in women’s dreams.

The circle of male night terrors is much narrower: the representatives of the stronger sex see wars and natural disasters in their nightmares. Quite often, men are haunted by dangerous insects in their dreams.

Experts believe that in nightmares the main role is played by the fear that a person experiences in real life, as well as confusion, sadness and guilt.