Every woman can become an ideal lover if she wants to. To master this art, innate abilities, unique external data and vast experience are not required. First of all, you need to pay attention to your partner and yourself. What do men like about sex?

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1. The ability to enjoy the process

If intimacy is considered only a necessity, with any skills you will not leave the impression of an unforgettable woman. Preoccupation with technique only interferes with the process if the partner feels false and lack of feeling. Instead of thinking hard about whether you look impressive enough and hold yourself relaxed, try to give yourself entirely to the process, savoring every touch. Then your passion will be real and genuine – and this is very exciting.

2. Sexual experiments

Over time, everything becomes boring, if you “eat the same dish.” The most sophisticated caresses and unusual poses can get boring – novelty, suspense excites most of all. A partner who herself is ready to offer something new, and is in no hurry to dismiss the man’s fantasies – and is ready at least to discuss and try.

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3. Ability to admire

The ideal lover, of course, will never ask tactless questions like: “Where are your cubes on your stomach?” – and in no way compares her man with others who could “faster, higher, stronger” or longer. After all, you are with him now, which means that it was he who attracted you, right? No need to invent – just don’t ignore what you really like. Express your sincere approval to him – it is very important for a man to maintain self-esteem.

4. Ease and suppleness in sex

If you respond to his caresses with a mournfully solemn expression on your face, this is unlikely to add to your attractiveness. The word “fun” is not without reason for a man much sexier than “surrender”. Relax! Light, even frivolous mood in bed brings together. And an appropriate joke can drive away awkwardness, defuse the atmosphere, tune in to a common wave. Of course, this has nothing to do with irony and laughter at his shortcomings!

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5. What do men like about sex?

The fact that you sleep under the same blanket does not mean that you now and forever have exclusive rights to it. He himself will gladly provide them to you if you do not behave like a too intrusive owner. When you lie next to each other in an embrace after a stormy passion – do not demand from him oaths of eternal fidelity. Enjoy the beauty of the moment! And he will appreciate it.