What can irritate a man and what should be avoided in a relationship? Try not to make the following mistakes in relationships so as not to alienate your loved one.

Man and woman - photoMan and woman - photo

1. Frequent calls or correspondence

Do you dial his number or text him every time you have a free minute to exchange a couple of on-duty phrases? Perhaps the man simply does not have time to miss you and has long been tired of having to report on the “work done” every half hour.

Do you have free time? Talk to a friend! Let your loved one talk about how his day went during the meeting.

It is possible that the man will be so surprised by the lack of attention on your part that he himself will start to cut off the phone.

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2. Extra questions

You have just let your loved one into the most intimate details of your best friend’s new romance and suddenly noticed his absent gaze. What is he thinking about? What was he thinking while taking a shower? What occupied his thoughts on the way home?

Try to subdue your curiosity and do not ask the man a lot of questions about what he was thinking at that moment. Maybe your loved one decided to surprise you with a pleasant surprise and just imagined how happy you would be.

The time will come, and he will tell you everything.

Man and woman - photoMan and woman - photo

3. Overprotective

“Have you eaten? Did you wear a hat? Maybe you need to take the temperature? Excessive care deprives a man of independence.

Remember, your loved one has grown up a long time ago and is able to take care of himself. He probably would like you to see him not as a boy, but as a strong man.

Try to try on the role of a fragile and tender girl who needs a strong shoulder, and not vice versa.


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