The human body continuously sends signals: a gesture, a glance, a smile, a tilt of the head… How can one learn to recognize them?

Body language conveys all our feelings well. And even if the interlocutor does not say what he thinks, an experienced observer recognizes his attitude to what was said by non-verbal signals. Such knowledge is useful for everyone, because it helps to better understand people and calculate different situations, better understanding what is really on the minds of others. After all, the tools for communication that express basic feelings are laid in us from birth, and they are understood all over the world. And some of them we get by unconsciously imitating the people around us.

Body Language, PhotoBody Language, Photo

● A sign of sincere laughter – mimic wrinkles around the eyes. When the smile is unnatural, the area around the eyes remains almost motionless.
● Signs of flirting. A man imitates all your movements, behaves like your mirror image? So he shows his special interest in your beautiful person.

Signs of flirting, PhotoSigns of flirting, Photo

● Correct self-feed. Watch how people stand when they talk in the office. Here a person stands confidently: the weight is on one leg, the second is slightly forward, arms are crossed – this is the pose of the winner: “Try to come!” But the employee or employee stands with his feet together, covering himself with a folder like a shield, with a timid smile – this is a defenseless pose, signaling: “I hope I’m not too mistaken …”

Confidence Pose, PhotoConfidence Pose, Photo

● If, talking about something, a person looks up and to the left, this signals to you that he wants to lie. If he looks up and to the right, this indicates that his story will most likely be true.
● Does your interlocutor pull his ear or touch the tip of his nose during communication? Don’t believe everything he says.

● Even if a person smiles, but one of his palms covers the other, this indicates that he is silent about something.
● Throwing your legs over your legs, you thus create a “barrier”, protecting your territory from the “invasion”.
● An open look, a tilt of the head – all this testifies to genuine interest and trust in the counterpart.

open pose, photoopen pose, photo

● Another sign of trust is an open hand. If a person during a conversation makes a movement with his hand from top to bottom, while the palm is pointing down – this means: he caught the insincerity of the partner.

Editor’s advice. Handshakes are exchanged not only by men, but also by women. By doing it right, you will always win. First, before reaching out your hand, look the person in the eye for a few seconds. This is how you show your interest. Secondly, take the interlocutor’s hand confidently, with the whole palm, shake it firmly – this way you will demonstrate your disposition and respect. Touching the hand with only the tips of your fingers, you show distrust of the person.

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