How to seduce a man? Connect all the senses! Plus the sixth – intuition. Catch our useful tips and connect your own imagination!

1. What attracts a man in appearance

attractiveness, photoattractiveness, photo

The fact that men first of all pay attention to the appearance of a woman does not mean that they only look at “model beauties”. Naturalness, goodwill and sincerity are much more important. All this is reflected in our body language, making us sexy.
However, it doesn’t hurt to enhance the effect by dressing in a seductive one! Red color makes us sexy, depriving men of will. And it is worth putting on stilettos – and the shoulders straighten out, the gait becomes more elegant.

2. What kind of voice attracts a man

How to attract a man, PHOTOHow to attract a man, PHOTO

Most men find a deep chest voice particularly attractive. However, words are no less important: if a woman says something pleasant to her partner, then this enhances the seductiveness of her voice. Do not shout, speak quietly: this creates the impression of closeness, intimacy.

3. What smells attract a man


According to expert research, men find a woman’s natural scent most seductive and sexy during those times when she is most fertile.
When choosing a perfume, shower gel and body lotion, consider their composition. Notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine, sandalwood and cinnamon awaken sensuality. In order for the intoxicating fragrance to “work” most effectively, apply a small drop of perfume to where you would like your loved one to kiss you.

4. What else attracts a man?

Secret of seduction, PhotoSecret of seduction, Photo

Men love to eat: 76% of gentlemen admit that it is very important for them whether a woman can cook well. So learn the culinary arts. Use ingredients that increase sexual desire: chili, ginger, nutmeg, vanilla.

Experienced seductresses say that most men enjoy food cooked with love. And they recommend, as a playful prelude, to feed him with a spoon or even … from your own body. Only it should be, of course, something suitable!
As for your eternal worries about kilograms and diets, keep in mind: men love women who are able to appreciate pleasure and enjoy it. In particular, they like to treat themselves to something tasty – and they don’t look nervously at the scales every minute.