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Researchers have identified signs, the cumulative presence of which in the family may indicate an imminent divorce.


There is reason to think about the approaching divorce if one of the spouses avoids conflicts and shows complete indifference to the other. Scientists believe that any kind of understatement, indifference and indifference are the slow killers of marriage, and emotions that appear during small quarrels and conflicts can even be useful for strengthening family ties.


Caustic comments, derogatory characterizations, and sarcasm are dangerous tactics that partners can use in the heat of a fight. The transition to personalities is more acutely perceived by the participants in the conflict situation. Personal grievances will come out more and more often, which will eventually increase the number of quarrels.

Criticism and contempt

Both of these factors, together and separately, directed at one of the partners, can lead him to a depressed state, and subsequently to depression. And there is already close to divorce. Scientists, however, doubt that one of the spouses who endured long-term unconstructive criticism and contemptuous attitude towards himself will find the strength and courage to initiate a divorce.

Protracted conflicts

A powerful factor contributing to the breakdown of relations, scientists call the presence of a latent conflict. Partners who cannot for a long time come to the conclusion of any case or resolve the conflict that has arisen, seem to be stalling in one place, stuck at a specific point without the slightest progress. If you constantly postpone the solution of the issue indefinitely, then the probability of a negative outcome increases.