One of the important tasks that the national project “Demography” solves is the reduction of nicotine consumption.

Weird cough and shortness of breath

Another insidious habit that gradually destroys health is smoking. In this case, the main killers of the heart and blood vessels are nicotine and carbon monoxide.

An incomprehensible, strange cough that is not associated with SARS, shortness of breath, high blood pressure – these symptoms accompany a heavy smoker. Nicotine damages blood vessels, as a result of which “bad” cholesterol is more easily deposited on them. And this leads to a narrowing of their lumen and malnutrition of the heart, brain, and lower extremities. Science has proven that smokers have a 2.6 times higher risk of coronary heart disease, 2.3 times – sudden cardiac death, 4 times – intermittent claudication (due to atherosclerosis of the vessels of the lower extremities), 2 times – erectile dysfunction (impotence) .

As a result of measures taken under the national project “Demography”, the number of smokers in the country is gradually decreasing. According to official data, the prevalence of tobacco use has decreased from 39.5% in 2009 to 20.3% in 2021.

However, electronic means of delivering nicotine are no safer than conventional cigarettes. Moreover, e-cigarettes contain much more nicotine in their aerosol than regular cigarettes in tobacco smoke. The aerosol of an electronic cigarette contains a lot of heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium), which are carcinogenic substances, and also contains a number of other substances that lead to lung disease.

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Where to go for help

If you’ve tried to quit smoking and haven’t succeeded, the Let’s Quit community can help.

  • You can join him in the social network VKontakte or the Telegram messenger.
  • Or visit a health center. Addresses can be found on the portal of the Ministry of Health of Russia about a healthy lifestyle