Experts from the University of Florida asked the question: what qualities do people look for and appreciate in potential sexual partners. And the results were unexpected.

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It turned out that even if a person has many positive qualities, one or two negative traits can repel a potential partner. Yet we cannot pretend not to notice the negative qualities that make our potential relationship impossible. This is written by The Hans India.

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Experts analyzed data from six independent studies and found that women and those men who are in a committed relationship are most focused on the negative. Probably, these groups of people have rather high expectations for romantic partners.

But there are also reservations. As it turned out, everyone has their own ideas about the negative. For example, some people are attracted to impulsiveness – the trait is considered a positive quality. Other people called predictability a good trait.

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Recall that scientists have recently decided what exactly is meant by charisma. Researchers from Cleveland said that people are attracted to resourcefulness and ingenuity. It is rather about social intelligence: this is when a person not only knows how to act correctly in a difficult situation, but also knows how to apply his knowledge in life. Well, it seems that the specialists from Cleveland really hit the top ten: such a trait inspires respect and sympathy.


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Author: Lilia Sheleg