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Even the most self-confident woman has complexes. These women’s fears and experiences, often completely unfounded, prevent them from living fully and being happy.

The main female complexes have long been known and studied by psychologists. How to deal with the most common female complexes?

I have flaws in appearance

Any woman in her reflection in the mirror is able to find many flaws in appearance – obvious and far-fetched. Some have small eyes, some have a big nose. Acne, excess weight, straight hair, cellulite and excessive thinness – all this can cause a woman’s mental discomfort. Psychologists have found that 70% of women living on the planet are unhappy with their appearance.

What to do? Stop dwelling on your shortcomings. Remember that each person is unique and unique. Instead of constantly thinking about the shortcomings of appearance, learn to hide them, and emphasize the advantages.

I am overweight

According to psychologists, the standards of beauty imposed by modern society cause mental anguish to 7 out of 10 European women. Depression covers a woman when she realizes that she is far from the ideal presented in glossy magazines and on fashion catwalks.

What to do? Stop worrying about extra inches at the waist and stop thinking stereotypically. Urgently increase your self-esteem and, of course, pay attention to a healthy diet and physical activity.

I’m already late

In this complex, your low self-esteem and the notorious public opinion come together. With their combined influence, you think that it is too late for you to master a new profession, give birth to a child, put on a short skirt or make a trendy haircut.

What to do? Don’t give a damn about public opinion and live for your own pleasure. Remember that you have only one life – live it for your own pleasure, without looking back at someone else’s opinion. Dream, plan, learn, experiment and try new things. Enjoy life and smile every day.

I’m a loser

Irka married a rich businessman, Olka is beautiful and changes clothes every day, Svetka went to Canada, and Masha became a movie star. And I…

What to do? First of all, drop envy – it poisons your life. Successful people need to learn. Set a specific goal for yourself – start small – and move to the global ones. Be confident in yourself and you will succeed!