What makes a relationship with a loved one truly intimate? Quite right: only what is not put on public display, but remains between a man and a woman. For example, cute nicknames, jokes or games, the meaning of which is clear only to two. By the way, such touching “nonsense” refreshes the relationship quite well!

Significant dates

Celebrate together the day of the first kiss, the anniversary of meeting your parents or buying a new sofa. Such small celebrations will remind you of the most pleasant events in the history of your couple’s relationship. There is always a reason to celebrate!

child behavior

It’s not very appropriate to act childishly surrounded by colleagues, but alone with your loved one you can fool around! This way, both of you will learn not only to quickly relax, but also to be more sincere with each other.

love notes

A love letter can even be made from a grocery list. Add a few nice words at the bottom of the note or draw a picture of your loved one. This will cheer up not only the addressee of the letter, but also you.

New experience

Never skied before? Why not spend a vacation in the mountains, and at the same time try your hand at skiing. It may not be possible to conquer the snow-covered peak. The main thing is that you get this new experience together!

funny souvenirs

Give your partner a T-shirt with their favorite cartoon character, a cute keychain, or any other trinket. It is better that the gift provokes a man to make a return move.

Special Moments

Remember the special moments of your relationship often. This experience unites more than any confessions and promises.