40 years – the equator, the middle of life. The time when we begin to enjoy freedom, because we already have enough strength and experience to dispose of it.

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Freedom does not mean divorce, loneliness, “all men are bastards” and going into militant feminism. Freedom is the right to be yourself, to go your own way, not to conform to imposed stereotypes, not to run in the eternal race “further, more, better, stronger.” We know ourselves, we know other people. We understand that there will always be someone younger, prettier, bolder, more educated. But we have our own place in the world and our own way.

Time for self-discipline

Of course, no matter how we say that at heart we are 20 or 25, and beauty is education, self-fulfillment and good manners, the appearance after 40 begins to change and in order to maintain this balance of a young soul and a young appearance, severe discipline is necessary.

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If at 25 you can drink and dance all night, and then take a shower, cover your bruises with makeup, flutter to work and look decent, then after 40 these tricks do not work. In order to look good, you need to have a good rest – a comfortable bed, a good mattress, enough sleep.

Take care of skin, hair, body. And don’t overeat. No need to kill yourself with diets, just stop overeating and give up harmful foods. Replace chips with oranges or mayonnaise with olive oil. Ideally, stop smoking completely or reduce smoking to a minimum. At 20, nature forgives an extra cake, a cigarette, a bottle of champagne. At 40, all bad habits and intemperance are instantly reflected on the face. And then no “young” soul will save.

strike a balance

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Behave decently, dress decently. Yes, it is difficult to explain what exactly this “worthy” means, because every woman is individual. Vivienne Westwood, even at 70+, can wear orange-colored hair and tights, while looking harmonious and stylish. But Pamela Anderson, in her 40s, in short cotton dresses or stretched T-shirts, looks like a petite girl. There is a huge gap between “looking stylish” and “looking funny”.

Male betrayal

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After 40, women who get married at 20 or 25 face male infidelity. And they are surprised to find their husbands in the beds of 20-year-olds. Cheating is always painful, but at this age, betrayal is aggravated by another blow to femininity. When you already feel age-related changes, and then your husband prefers you a 20-year-old charmer and gives birth to new children with her. You can’t justify cheating, but you can explain it. Men also feel aging, and the greater the age, the closer death. Men are afraid of old age, afraid of death, afraid of losing their masculinity. They are more afraid of many things than we are. In the beds of young mistresses, they forget these fears. After all, while you are next to the young, it seems to you that you yourself are still young. It is impossible to keep anyone, it is impossible to collect what has collapsed. Therefore, if after 40 years your husband suddenly leaves for a young mistress and burns the bridges of a 20-year marriage behind him – cry, get drunk, cut all his shirts and ties, but let him go. If you don’t get stuck in resentment and disappointment, then you may find that at 40 years old, those who are 30 begin to like you. Young men get tired of young girls who impose obligations on them “must” and “should”, as well as playing an endless game “ understand me, mysteriously silent. Women at 40 do not play, they know exactly who and what they want. They are interesting, fun, and most importantly – there is something to learn.

Time for a change

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For some, the age of 40 is marked by dramatic changes in all directions. People radically change jobs, partners and places of residence. Those who, at the age of 30 and 35, did not dare to change, are more susceptible to this. If at 35 it’s still scary, then after 40 you understand “if not now, then never.” And society does not approve, and people twist their fingers to their temples. But at the age of 40, we don’t care, we understand that our life is our life and no one will live it for us.


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